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Easy Ways to Connect a Laptop to a Projector and Play Video From the Laptop
by Excessi0n in Computers
A laptop connected to a projector is a common setup in the work environment for making presentations to a large audience. Projectors come in all shapes and sizes, and are capable of high definition resolutions. Digital technology has made projectors smaller, lighter and more affordable than the projectors of the past, giving businesses an edge in marketing and informational presentations. VGAMo

How to Network a Windows XP Laptop to a Vista Laptop and File Share
by LittleCodeShop in Computers
There are several different versions of Microsoft Windows, and they're not always fully compatible. Networking computers running Windows Vista and machines running Windows XP is a simple process, but there are a few extra pieces of software that must be installed first. Once this has been done, you can share files between your Vista and XP laptop or desktop computers.Difficulty:ModerateInstruction

How to Connect a Laptop to a RS485 Serial Laptop Adapter Card
by ganok_tor in Computers
RS485 is a serial connection standard no longer used on laptop computers (or desktops, by that matter). However, older hardware you may still use runs off of an RS-485 serial connection, so if you want to continue using the equipment with your laptop, you must install an RS485 serial laptop adapter card into your computer. An RS485 adapter gives your computer the ability to communicate with the ol

The Laptop Replacement Screen Does Not Display BIOS on My Dell Laptop
by ondrej in Computers
Say you recently replaced your laptop's broken liquid crystal display (LCD). You found the correct part and installed it, but after turning on the computer, you were horrified to find that nothing appears on the screen. Since the screen is new, it should work, right? Unfortunately, LCD replacement on a laptop is a painstaking, difficult process, and for the inexperienced, it easily leads to mistak

How to Transfer Data Through an Ethernet Cable From Laptop to Laptop
by Zivic in Computers
There are many high-tech ways to transfer data from one laptop to another. Wi-Fi connections, infrared, Bluetooth and USB drives are all commonly used methods that allow you to transfer data. Nevertheless, one of the simplest methods to transfer data between two laptops is still the tried-and-true Ethernet cable. Using a single cable -- which usually costs less than $10 -- and Windows 7, you can s

How to Use a Laptop Screen as an Extra Monitor for a Dead Laptop
by itsmegb in Computers
Laptops are a handy, portable machine that can be used on-the-go. Unfortunately, laptop screens can sometimes break, causing no image to pop up on your screen, even though your computer may be running. Luckily, if you are in this predicament, you can connect an external computer monitor to your laptop, letting you see the images on the external monitor. This little process takes no longer than 10

How Can I Connect My Laptop to a Phone Line if There Is No Outlet on the Laptop?
by Christopher Harris in Internet
Not all newer model laptops come equipped with a built-in phone jack. This is a problem if you subscribe to dial-up Internet service. A laptop has to have a fax modem to connect to dial-up Internet. Fax modems have a phone jack. If your laptop does not have a built-in fax modem, you could cancel your dial-up Internet service, and subscribe to broadband DSL. DSL connects to the Internet via a phone

How to Access an Old Laptop Hard Drive If the Laptop Won't Power Up
by cakephp in Computers
Hardware malfunction--especially related to the motherboard or the BIOS--can render a laptop essentially dead. If your laptop no longer powers on, it becomes impossible to access your hard drive from that computer.
However, as long as the hard drive itself is not damaged, you can still gain access to the files if you connect the drive to another laptop. In order to use the hard drive on anot

How to Change a Laptop Display From a TV Back to a Laptop
by asid in Computers
Most laptop computers feature an external video connection. This video connection usually takes the form of an analog VGA connector or a digital HDMI connector. With a laptop computer connected to a TV screen, it can mirror its own internal display onto the TV. It can also expand the desktop area to fill both screens independently, or it can turn off its own internal LCD screen and use the TV as t

My HP Laptop Docking Station Can't See the Laptop Screen
by shortylickens in Computers
Trading in portability for extra functionality, an HP docking station immobilizes your laptop and lets it behave more like a traditional desktop system with additional ports. The docking station may not always immediately recognize the connected components from your laptop, such as the LCD screen. If you can't get an image to appear after connecting your laptop to the dock, the video problem is li


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