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How to make Aptana shows Laravel statements color in .php files(support Laravel)?
by cmt95 in Programming Languages

Sublime Text 2 in my tutorial video shows Laravel statement color well, the same code in my Aptana is just white(in a *.php file), it treats the code as plain HTML text, how can I set Aptana to show code with color(support Laravel)?

@foreach($users as $user)

Laravel 4: How to install Meido Form and HTML ports from Laravel 3
by Tanclearas in Web Design

I wanted to use Form and HTML classes in Laravel 4, so I went to Meido's GitHub pages for the HTML and Form ports. I followed the instructions to the letter. I added these lines to my app's providers:


I added these lines to my aliases:

'Form' => 'MeidoFormFormFacade',

developing Laravel 3 and laravel 4
by Roman in Programming Languages

Does application build on Laravel 3 work on Laravel 4?

In few days ago I found Laravel and now I try to learn it. Am I losing time learning Laravel 3 when Laravel 4 is coming? Is this a same with some addons in LV4? And would my application build in LV3 work in LV4?
Where and how to start learning LV4?

Laravel 4: how to run a raw SQL?
by shortylickens in Databases

I want to rename a table in Laravel 4, but don't know how to do that.

The SQL is alter table photos rename to images. If there is an Eloquent solution, I'd also like to know how to run a raw SQL, cause sometimes there's just no alternative.

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Laravel - When to use ->get()
by Veliko in Web Design

I'm confused as to when ->get() in Laravel...

E.G. DB::table('users')->find(1) doesn't need ->get() to retrieve the results, neither does User::find(1)

The laravel docs say "...execute the query using the get or first method..."

I've read the Fluent Query Builder and Eloquent docs but don't understand when the usag

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Relationships in Laravel
by seventy6 in Programming Languages

I have two tables, Galleries and Gallery_items.
In Galleries I save information like who the author is. In Gallery_items I save each picture that the gallery contains.

Now I want to get the first picture in each gallery where the title is mona lisa and where the author is Leonardo da Vinci.

I tested:

Cron job in Laravel 4
by keyed in Programming Languages

I'm trying to find out how to set up a cron job in Laravel 4, and the command I would need to run in artisan for it.

In Laravel 3, there were 'Tasks' but these don't seem to be there anymore and there is no documentation as to how to do it at http://four.laravel.com


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How to use Laravel events?
by Nulq in Programming Languages

Let's say I want to be notified when a new user signs up. In my controller I fired off an event as follows.

Event::fire('myapp.new_user', array($this->data['user']->email));

Where do I define the listener?

Event::listen('myapp.new_user', function ($uid) {

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Laravel & InnoDB
by General Mills in Databases

I am using laravel and laravel migration mechanism. I created tables and seted up foreign keys. But the tables are MyISSAM so no foreign keys are created. Where do I enable / configure this? (to change it to InnoDB and not in the mysql server).


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Laravel Section not appear
by JEDI in Programming Languages

I'll follow some tutorials about Laravel 3, and know, I have a problem, with one:


Why this section not appear?

I try remove all content in section, for example;


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