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How can I extract the latest rows from a log file based on latest date using Powershell
Category : Programming Languages

I'm a relatively new Powershell user, and have what I thought was a simple question. I have spent a bit of time looking for similar scenarios and surprisingly haven't found any. I would post my failed attempts, but I can't even get close!

I have a log file with repetitive data, and I want to extract the latest event for each "unique" entry. The problem lies in the fact that each en

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Is there a way to make Get Latest in TFS behave like Get Specific Version of the latest checkin
Category : Programming Languages

Whenever I Get Latest from TFS 2012 in Visual Studio. It doesn't really get latest. what it does is update the solution file so that new stuff added by my team mates shows up with a warning mark on in so say that its not there.


Apparently TFS overcomplicates life by deciding based on some strange rules that I don

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Is it possible to build pyQt with latest Qt (4.8) on latest OSX (10.7)
Category : Programming Languages

I have a software that depends on pyQt (it's TortoiseHG and it doesn't support pyside). Is it possible to build pyQt on latest OSX version with latest Qt? I have downloaded pyQt from official website (http://www.riverbankcomputing.co.uk) but it fails on first, configuration step with "i386 architecture" link error.

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jQuery Validation Plugin not working properly with remote rules (latest jquery and latest plugin)
Category : Programming Languages

I need some help with jquery validation plugin for remote rules. The form seems to get submitted even when inputs are invalid. The validation works ok when I submit the form for the first time, but if I click the button again, the form get submitted with invalid inputs.

any ideas? thanks

<html lang="en">
<head><meta charset="utf-8"><title>

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Latest OS / latest SDK
Category : Mobile Programming

I've been doing my coding with Xcode 3.2.3
I've recently upgraded my iPad OS to 3.2.2.

Trying to run a provisioned development build from xcode on my iPad, I'm told:

The version of iPhone OS on “User’s iPad” does not match any of the versions of iPhone OS supported for development with this installation of the iPhone SDK. Please restore the device to a version

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Getting latest Tweets with API 1.1
Category : Development Tools & Services

I've always used this address to get all my tweets:


but since API 1.1 is out and API 1 is deprecated I thought I would try change. But the new address is not working:


What am I missing?

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Get Latest Intent
Category : Programming Languages

I'm Invoking an Activity from my Service. I do this whenever an event occurs and every time I pass a Serializable object via the Intent. The problem here is that when the Activity is invoked for the second time, it has the old Intent data and not the new one. So I'm sure that this is due to some mistake that I have made in the Activity class but I'm not a

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get latest file from ftp
Category : Programming Languages

Trying to create a simple plugin that simply connects to an ftp site, looks up the latest file and then downloads it. However, it isn't getting the latest file.

I'm using the org.apache.commons.net.ftp.ftpclient for everything.

Here is my code

public static void main(String[] args)
FTPClient client = new FTPClient();

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Can the latest windows sdk be used in VC6
Category : Operating Systems

I have downloaded the latest sdk through "sdksetup.exe"

Then i set the "include" and "library" directories in VC6

But during the compiling i get the following errors:

"c:program files (x86)windows kits8.0includeumwinnt.h(303) : error C2146: syntax error : missing ';' before identifier 'PVOID64'"

Can anybody help me out?

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CVS can't get latest files
Category : Development Tools & Services

I have a weird problem I haven't seen before. I modified a file in our repository and committed as I usually do but now when I do a history the version shown as current is the previous version.

1.180 oldFile
1.181 my new changes

but 1.180 is marked current. Any ideas? I tried doing a fresh checkout and cvs update -A but still the file status indicates it's at versi

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