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Android Eclipse > Graphical Layout: How to Set Default Layout = Nexus 7 or Not 2 for every XML layout I open to look same in IDE and Device
by Dopey in Programming Languages

Is there any way in Android Eclipse that whenever I open layout/any_xml_file.xml in Eclipse it should have Nexus 7 or Note 2 (Custom defined device) as default (so I won't select manually from only available devices/sizes) in Graphical Layout GUI so even if I do not deploy on that device it should look perfectly same on device and in IDE itself prior to build and run?

It will save t

Make one layout inside the main layout invisible when we click other area on the main layout
by nipj in Programming Languages

I have one custom listview containing imagebuttons and textviews. Right now when I click on the info icon, it opens up the pop up(which is actually a layout that I am making visible on the imagebutton's click) that gives some description and when I click on that icon again it becomes invisible. But I want it to make invisible whenever I click on any other area and not just on that info icon.

how to combine xml layout and coding layout into one layout
by BofRA in Programming Languages

I want to combine java code layout and xml layout into one layout.

I have java code which shows visualizer for audio streaming. And i have xml layout so i want to combine both layout into one to display media control buttons and image bellow the visualizer layout.

Java code is

import android.app.Activity;
import android.content.Context;
import a

Building a board layout by including 8 times another layout : unique cells identifiers?
by mikhaelrasputin in Programming Languages

I would like to design a chess board, but by including 8 times another layout containing 8 ImageView. Then, how can I have unique android:id for all 64 squares components ?

I would like the included layout to be designed as this :

LinearLayout (orientation : horizontal)
-> ImageView
-> ...
-> ImageView

Another point, is having LinearLayout f

Left Layout disappears whenever datatable is added within the center Pane of primeFaces Layout
by Steve Downing in Programming Languages

Im using Jsf 2.0 and primefaces exstensions component pe:layout to create a page with left navigation menu bar ,bottom footer and center pane for content everthing works fine but when ever i add primefaces datatable (p:datatable) in the center pane the header and footer layouts are preserved but the left pane disappears and the center pane occupies the entire page. I tried setting width and he

How do I pass variables to a layout in a multiple module / layout Zend Framework application?
by NesuD in Programming Languages

Before I converted my Zend Framework application to a module based structure, it had a single layout and I could pass variables to it from my controller like so:

// Controller action
$this->view->foo = 'Something';
// Layout
<?= $this->foo ?>

However, since moving everything into a default module and creating a separate "admin" m

How to use d3js force layout to generate the default hierarchical layout generated by graphviz dot
by billputer in Web Design

Instead of the sample spring layout shown in the examples
I would like to have d3js print something like:

I am new to javascript or any kind of web programming. A simple code sample which generates a graph with three nodes and two connections to print like


Android handling multiple screens… (Relative Layout or Linear Layout)?
by Triumph in Programming Languages

I have finished my application and now need to handle adapting to multiple screen sizes.

At this point it seems my only option is to do the following:

Have a seperate xml layout for: Small, Normal, Large and X-Large screen sizes.
Have a seperate xml layout within that for: ldpi, mdpi, hdpi, and xhdpi
Have a seperate xml layout within that for portrait and lands

“Layout cycle detected. Layout could not complete.” error in Silverlight
by rbrewer in Programming Languages

I want to use Rad thermometer in my silverlight application. I took example from: link text

I moved styles to external style file. If i use one control all is fine, if i add second thermometer on the page, i receive: "Layout cycle detected. Layout could not complete." Where to find the source of the problem? In design mode all is fine.

Application not starting when keeping layout xml files in layout-xlarge-land folder
by odunthorne in Programming Languages

I am creating an application targeting the tablet users that only in landscape mode. So I created a folder in res named as layout-xlarge-land and put all my layout xml files inside it and kept the layout folder empty. I also set the support screen attributes in manifest file



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