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Are there any good videos to learn programming basics which are required to learn javascript?
by Jake Levitt in Javascript

Are there any good video to learn programming basics which are required to learn JavaScript, then jQuery later. for the person who is already having good command over xhtml and css ? future aim is not to learn any server-side language, php, asp.net, ruby ,etc. just pure and advanced javascript/jQuery.

Video for absolute programming beginner, who does not know what 'string', variable

Learn C# now or finish up with Java and then learn C#?
by J.W. Mosley in Java

Ok here is my situation. I've studied Java in my college for 2 semesters. But you know they teach you jack in there, just the basics. We skipped half of our textbook and even then our professors don't teach from section to section of each chapter. I don't blame them. It's hard as it is for new students to understand even the basic concepts of programming. Now this is a community college we are

How did you learn/Best Way to learn Silverlight
by Mattias Reichel in Programming Languages

SO i have searched on stackoverflow and there does not seem to be any answers for this. So if you can, What is the best way to actually fully learn silverlight? I have books on it but it seems by the time you get to Chapter 15 out of 30 chapters you already sort of forgot what you learned and have to start again. Trying to jump right in seems more frustrating since you don't have any idea what

How to Learn MS SQL
by Riparian in Computers
MS SQL is a powerful database program and one of the most important in the world of business. There is always a strong need for workers who are well versed in MS SQL, so learning how to use the program effectively can be good for your career. A number of resources are available to make learning MS SQL easier, from online tutorials to self-help techniques. This advanced database program can have a
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How to Learn VBS
by Viren in Education
Visual Basic Script (VBS or vbscript) is a light programming language that Internet browsers and computers use to talk to each other. It is very different from its parent programming language, Visual Basic. The first, is simply a collection of rules computers and browsers use to distinguish paragraphs, videos or even photos. The Internet absorbs those groups of information and punches it out in a
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Why Learn CPR?
by eferro in Health
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), is a life-saving technique used on a person who has experienced sudden cardiac arrest. CPR combines mouth-to-mouth breathing with chest compressions to maintain blood flow to the heart and brain. CPR is continued until emergency help arrives and a heart defibrillator is available. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), CPR has been in use since 1960
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How to Learn the Wii
by Steven Weber in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Even lifelong Nintendo console owners may have a little bit of trouble when they first pick up the Wii. The Nintendo Wii is drastically different than any other console the company has ever released, dating all the way back to the Nintendo Entertainment System in the 1980s. However, with a little bit of trial-and-error, you can quickly get the hang of your console and start saving princesses once
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How to Learn to Become a DJ
by gitano in Careers & Job Searching
Some of the skills you need to be a successful DJ include a passion for entertaining others with diverse styles of music, the ability to network with local nightclubs and music retailers, and the ability to get the audience interested in the music you are playing. You don't always have to attend college to become a DJ, and you don't have to work at a radio station. You may want to start an indepen
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How to Learn Na'vi
by sgmichelsen in Arts & Entertainment
In 2009, James Cameron's film "Avatar" took the world by storm. If you are a fan of this science-fiction film, you know that the Na'vi characters featured in the movie speak their own unique language (also called Na'vi), which was created by Dr. Paul Frommer, Professor Emeritus of Clinical Management Communication at the University of Southern California. If you want to learn how to speak Na'vi, y
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What Do I Need to Learn So I Can Become a Cop?
by Caomai in Business
Police officers are civil servants hired by governments to protect life, rights and property and enforce the law. These officers must employ a specialized set of skills in their daily work. Those who seek to become police officers may learn such skills in a variety of ways, preparing them for the work that they intend to undertake. ExperienceVarious occupations help people to prepare for career


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