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Is the Heat Loss From Leaving Your AC in the Window Equal to Leaving a Window Open?
by sgmichelsen in Home & Garden
Leaving your air conditioning unit in your window during the window is the same as leaving open a window, according to a 2011 study by the Urban Green Council. But the size of the window is not always the same. A variety of things affect how much heat is lost. For some people the "window" is less than 1 inch wide, for others it can be up to 12 inches wide. CausesAir conditioners cause heat loss

How to Keep a Cat from Leaving
by General Mills in Pets
Cats have wide range of personalities and temperaments. Some cats are homebodies and have no interest in leaving the house. But many cats are adventurous and like to explore the outdoors. Most vets say that indoor cats live a longer and healthier life than outdoor cats. There are ways to reduce the chances of a cat getting out. Keeping your cat from leaving your home takes effort, but it can be do
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What Happens to Your HSA After Leaving Your Job
by ChristianM in Health
A health savings account (HSA) is an account associated with high-deductible health insurance plans. The funds in an HSA can be used for qualified medical expenses. Employers can contribute to employee HSAs, and the funds in an HSA roll over from year to year. If you have a high-deductible health plan and HSA through your employer, you may wonder what happens to the funds in your HSA when you sepa

How to Keep a Man From Leaving
by Ali in Relationships & Family
Most people want companionship, and it's nice to have someone special in your life. Unfortunately, some women have trouble keeping a man in their lives. True, a few women have a habit of picking the wrong type of men. Then again, some women push men away. Yet, there are simple and easy ways to keep a man from leaving.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Be confident and let go of insecurities. It's
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How to Get Over Your Girlfriend Leaving You for Another Guy
by kraszie in Relationships & Family
Getting over an ex-girlfriend can be a difficult and trying process for any man to deal with. Moving on from all of the past memories or trips you two might have made can be hard, especially if your ex dumped you for another man. However, all things are possible with time, and with help, you can start working towards moving on with your life and maybe even finding a new girlfriend.Difficulty:Moder

Tips for Leaving a Dog Alone
by DMasterX in Pets
Dogs get lonely, and sometimes that loneliness results in a clean-up job for the owner upon arriving home. Shredded papers and couch cushions may be the only way the dog knows how to express his feelings. Instead of scolding or yelling at our furry friends, try a few tips that may help alleviate loneliness and separation anxiety from occurring. BoundariesSet up boundaries in the home before lea
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Training a Dog Not to Cry When Leaving
by TreVader in Pets
Dogs who cry when their owners leave have separation anxiety. When a dog whines or cries, it is afraid of being abandoned by its pack – you. This is not uncommon, especially with single dogs bonded to their owners. However, the crying can also occur in multiple-dog homes. The dog regards you as the “alpha,” or leader, and may feel frightened when you leave. What Causes Crying?

The Best Breeds of Dog for Leaving Alone
by mikk in Pets
Dogs are naturally social animals, but to live with people they have to learn how to be comfortable alone sometimes. Don't choose a very high-energy breed, such as a Border collie or Jack Russell terrier, if you plan on leaving it alone for long stretches of time. Breeds that are used to living and working in a pack, such as beagles or foxhounds, can get distressed and vocal when they are alone. C

The Best Reasons for Leaving Your Last Job
by TCH in Business
When you interview for a new job, one topic that's likely to come up is your employment history. In particular, interviewers may ask why you left a previous job. While it's always important to be honest, some answers are better than others if you want to help your chances of getting a new job. Lifestyle ChangeIf you left your last job due to a lifestyle change, talk candidly about it with your

How to Tell Your Boss You Are Leaving
by python in Business
If you are sick and tired of your current job and are ready for a change, you need to let your boss know you are leaving. However, I don't recommend screaming at them and telling them how incompetent they are -- as fun as that would be! Instead, there are three steps to take to make sure you don't burn any bridges and that you can easily be hired at another place without a bad reputation.Difficult


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