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How to set animation when I click on button at that time move image from left to right and right to left in android?
by drnickriviera in Android

I wanna translate 2 images image When I click on Button, At that time from left image move left to right and right image move right to left(both image come in center at that time stop animation) on emulator using android animation.I'm new to android animation.How could i do that.?
coding is much appreciated.Thanks..

Can one efficiently LEFT OUTER JOIN a subset of the left table's rows in Postgres?
by OGG in Databases

Let's say I have the following tables:

table_1 table_2
id_a name id_a id_b
1 c 1 1
2 a 1 2
3 b 2 1
2 2

Now consider the following LEFT OUTER JOIN:

FROM table_1<

CSS: Center a parent element while leaving the sub-elements float left and aligned left
by ec888 in Web Design

On my frontpage, I would like to CENTER the directory view (CONTENT AREA with headline 'Golfverzeichnis'): LINK

Name of the CSS-Element to be centered: jrDirView

Problem-Description: the images and left-aligned links underneath them should remain unchanged, but the whole directory view area, which is right now aligned left, should be centered, so the white space left and

How can I get a left-navigation column to fill the entire left side of the middle of a webpage using CSS?
by Samuel K in Web Design

I'm working on making this web page:


and I want to get a left navigation area to extend all the way down the left side, from the bottom of the header to the top of the footer. I tried setting height: 100% but that didn't seem to work. Is there something I'm doing wrong here?

Android:how to move marquee text from right to left and left and right by clicking one button
by Pete in Programming Languages

how to move marquee text from right to left and left and right by clicking one button, how can i do this can any one help me?

How to Connect the Left Front & Left Rear Channel Outputs Together to Two Speakers
by peitschie in Electronics
Merging two home theater channels together then splitting the connection out to two different speakers isn't a common practice, because it tends to muddle the sound and create instability in your wiring, which leads to small electrical surges that can damage your equipment. However, it's a relatively simple process.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Speaker selector
Firefox (3.6.3 Mac) fails to float left the last of a set of left-floated list items
by jaset in Web Design

I have a set of <li> elements in an unordered list. The items are all floated left, with a bit of space between them. Problem is, the last list item is wrapped (isn't at the end of the list, but leftmost on a new line). I have no idea why. The rendering is fine with Mac Safari and with IE 7.

The CSS for the li items floats them left:

list-style: none;

float:left shifting next rows div block to left position when expanded
by SeaSerpent in Web Design

Look at my code here.
You need to resize Result panel so that you can view at least two block inline. If you click on "More details" link then it will show details but it will shift next rows block also.

Any suggestion why this it is showing like this though I have used clear:both.

.reviewimg_blk {
border: 1px solid #9B9B9B;

How to left-justify lines of code to the left edge of the window in eclipse
by AJacques in Web Design

I have alot of code that has white space to the left of the lines of code in my eclipse project.
I would like to select pieces of this code and remove the extra white spacing so each line lines up with the left edge of the window.

CSS weirdness in firefox - float left not floating left, unless large width is used
by bjorngylling in Web Design

I have a problem

#column-left {
float: left;
width: 350px;

will float left, but when I make the width smaller

with this:
#column-left {
float: left;
width: 250px;

it doesn't work. Both forms work in chrome, but not in firefox


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