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How to Tell if an IP Is Legit
by Bruce in Internet
An Internet Protocol address is a numeric code that uniquely identifies each computer connected to the Internet. Computers communicate by exchanging units of data, known as IP packets, which contain the IP addresses of the source and destination. However, it is possible for malicious senders to falsify the IP address of the source -- a technique known as IP spoofing -- to hide their identity, so r
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How to Tell if a Website is Legit
by teabagbrewster in Internet
The Internet is filled with illegitimate websites. And major search engines index sites that have illegal advertising methods and even sometimes Trojan virus or spamware that corrupts computer hard drives or steals your personal information. Knowing this, it's a good idea to verify whether a website is legitimate before viewing it or even giving that site personal information, especially financial
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How to Tell if My iPod Is Legit
by TheMoo in Electronics
You purchased your iPod from a source other than Apple, and now you're wondering if your iPod is legit. The easiest way is to compare it to another iPod of the same type -- shuffle, nano, touch, or classic -- but in lieu of that there are other ways you can tell. In the event that you find your iPod isn't legit, try to return it for a full refund.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things Yo
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Legit Grants
by PsyberMonkey in Personal Finance
Though an offer out of the blue to apply for a government grant may seem too tempting to pass up, you'll want to proceed with caution -- especially if the offer comes unsolicited and with an application fee attached. Legitimate government grants are available through the U.S. government with no application fee and no cold calling. According to Grants.gov, the U.S. government, through the U.S. Depa
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How to Tell if Tickets Are Legit
by iMelnik in Arts & Entertainment
Buying tickets to music, sporting and other events is often expensive and can take a chunk out of your wallet. You obviously don't want to experience that gut-wrenching feeling that follows after being told your ticket is fake. Fake tickets may at first appear the same as authentic tickets, but if you look closely, counterfeit tickets normally have at least one design flaw that an authentic ticket
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How can I check if an int is a legit HttpStatusCode in .NET?
by rajnesh in Programming Languages

I wish to make sure that the number a person provides, is a legit HttpStatusCode.

At first I thought of using Enum.TryParse(..) or Enum.Parse(..) but it's possible I get an invalid result with some bad data provided..


In: Enum.Parse(typeof (HttpStatusCode), "1")
Out: 1
In: Enum.Parse(typeof (HttpStatusCode), "400")
C++: Check if bmp file is legit
by LadyCoconut in Programming Languages

I'm using C++ (Visual Studio) and I want to check if a .bmp file is legit (not some renamed virus.exe) before the user can share it over the internet with other users using my application.
I'm using DirectX 2d rendering and boost framework.

Is there an (easy?) way to validate bitmaps?


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Is a Living Will Still Legit If It Isn't Notarized?
by WasntEnough in Legal
Laws regarding living vary from state to state and, since these laws continue to evolve, it is best to make a living will as ironclad as possible from a legal point of view. As such, you should have the document signed and notarized, with witnesses. CounselSince a living will deals primarily with your end-of-life care, it is critically important you consult a lawyer when drafting it. A lawyer w

Are Secret Shoppers Legit?
by JGKelly in Careers & Job Searching
Some companies hire "secret shoppers" or "mystery shoppers" to anonymously evaluate the quality of a store's service, atmosphere or products. However, many advertisements or offers for secret shoppers are scams. FeaturesSecret shopper scams sometimes require people to pay a fee for a secret shopper "certification" or access to a directory of secret shopper jobs. Other secret shopper scams send

How to Find Legit Surveys
by Wonderbread in Internet
Make a few extra bucks by simply answering questions on at one or several survey sites. You'll find different survey opportunities, but for every legitimate survey site, there is a scam site. Spend a little time and research to know where to find honest and legitimate survey sites.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Avoid any survey site that wants you to pay anything.
Get information or recommendat
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