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input length = value length & expands automatically according to value length
Category : Web Design

I want value length to be the same length as input field and expand automatically. When i write in some text it always has right or left free space. I don't want to define input size, i just want it to be the size of the text.

Can this be done ?

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ASP.NET WebForms “Length cannot be less than 0 or exceed input length.” on application startup
Category : Programming Languages

I'm picking up an old ASP.NET WebForms project, and I'm getting this on startup:

Length cannot be less than 0 or exceed input length. Parameter name:

What's baffling is, my application code is nowhere in the stack trace. Here's what's shown:

[ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Length cannot be less than 0 or exceed input length.

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How to make a given length byte array composed of other given length bytes arrays JAVA
Category : Java

I want to send a byte Array of 256 byte length, it have to be 128 byte of a string and the same length with another string ( lengths are just for testing purposes).

This is my code:

public void packetCompose(String user, String password) {
//insert user in 128 bytes length, same with password
//and make a 256 length byte array to send

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Regular Expression which matches fixed length chunk with variable length elements
Category : Programming Languages

I'm writing some regex to match lines which contain numeric elements padded with spaces, like -2.45. The regex for this is simple enough:


However, I have the additional constraint that the whole chunk is limited to exactly seven characters. I can modify the expression to constrain the leading space and digits to within their theor

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Fragmented length prefix causes next data read from buffer use incorrect message length
Category : Programming Languages

I'm one of those guys who come here to find answers to those questions that others have asked, and I think i newer asked anything myself, but after two days searching unsuccessfully I decided that it's time to ask something myself. So here it is...

I have a TCP server and client written in C#, .NET 4, asynchronous sockets using SocketAsyncEventArgs. I have a length-prefixed message

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ruby: building string with length constraint composed from many variable length strings
Category : Programming Languages

I thought I'd throw out this problem to see what elegant solutions folk
could come up with and, in the process, hopefully learn some new ruby

I'll set the problem in the context of producing a twitter message,
which has a maximum length of 140 characters. I'm looking for a concise
function that will deliver a tweet no longer than 140 characters from

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Length-wise-sorted list but, same length in alphabetical-order in a step
Category : Programming Languages

My Python List of string is something like x but long enough:

x = ['aaa','ab','aa','c','a','b','ba']

I wants to sort this list as: ['a', 'b', 'c', 'aa', 'ab', 'ba', 'aaa'] and I did as follows in two steps:

>>> x.sort()
>>> x.sort(key=len)
>>> x
['a', 'b', '

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How to override Function.length to return the length of an array, in strict mode
Category : Web Design

I am looking for a way to override the .length property of an Object in JavaScript.

I currently have a wrapper on parent.properties.objects array

(parent is used to for the code to be more readable in context)

This is the basic structure:

(parent variable is defined in namespace and intialized)

var parent = function () {

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How to Count String Length & if Greater than X Length Remove X Characters - JavaScript
Category : Javascript

I'm trying to determine the length of a string of characters using JavaScript & if that string of characters is greater than X length, remove enough characters to make it X length.

Here is a more specific example:

Lets say I want to count the length of this string of characters:

testing this

I could do something like this:

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Longest Common Subsequence Length function not returning the correct length?
Category : Programming Languages

I have attempted to implement the dynamic programming approach to finding the longest common sub sequence between two sequences. My algorithm works when the two strings that are being compared are the same lengths, but when the second string is longer than the first, my LCSLength() function does not return the correct value.

Here is code with a test case that returns t

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