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If an ActiveX control running in IE calls other libraries, do those libraries need to implement IObjectSafety?
by mvonballmo in Programming Languages

I have a .NET ActiveX control running in the browser (IE.) It calls other libraries (also passed through the site) to perform features such as logging, which requires writing to disk. Do these other libraries also need to implement IObjectSafety?

How do I change all shared libraries used in my programe to static libraries in windows?
by SnuggleTheBear in Programming Languages

The shared library is causing much trouble for me, and disk space is far less expensive than the trouble itself.

How can I convert all shared libs(.dll) to static libs(.lib) and make my programe use them instead of using shared libs?

Note some .dlls are not directly refered to by my programe,e.g. my programe requires libpng

Android - libraries R files not generated when more libraries depends on support-v4
by Joe in Programming Languages

my Android project depends on 3 libraries, one of them (A) has no requirements, two of them (B, C) require support-v4 library because of Fragments. The project itself requires support-v4 library as well. The project and the libraries have build target Android 2.2 (API 8). All android-support-v4.jar libs are the same build and version.

When I add library A, its R.java is generated in

Are there any REST libraries out there that work with Portable Class Libraries?
by postmortemIA in Programming Languages

I am developing a portable class library that needs to make REST requests and am looking for something like Restsharp or EasyHttp. Unfortunately neither of these currently work with PCLs. It would also be nice to either see an example that does a post request with basic authentication.

If there is nothing out does anyone have an example of how I would do a post request with basic au

Loading time for shared libraries vs static libraries
by Gerle in Programming Languages

I have a question on shared libraries vs static libraries loading time.

Assume that i have a executable foo.exe which uses liba, libb, libc. Also at a given time there are more than 10 instances of the executable running on the machine.

Now if the above 3 libraries were shared libraries :
1st Insance is loaded into RAM : The time taken will be time taken by main()

How to force using local shared libraries over system libraries?
by Brazil in Programming Languages

How can I force using a local library over the system library in linux?

I linked my executable explicitly to some .so files in my project/lib directory e.g. (../lib/libluajit.so).

Running my executable under gdb or using ldd shows that it still uses the system libluajit-5.1.so.2

I then set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to my project/lib directory and exported it, then ran

Programming in Unix: Sharing libraries with libraries
by beefjerky911 in Programming Languages

Working in C, on top of unix, I am loading and using a shared library somewhat as follows:

handle = dlopen("nameOfLib");

What I would like is for my application to admit 'plugins' which take the form of

Does WebSphere Class Loader Viewer show libraries loaded as the application is running or only libraries loaded at startup?
by Omer72 in Programming Languages

In the WebSphere Application Server 6.0 admin console, I am going to Troubleshooting -> Class Loader Viewer -> server_name -> Applications and opening the class loader for a war file. I click the "Classes" link under "WAS Module - Compound Class Loader" and I see a list of classes loaded from corresponding jar files.

Will this list update as the applicatio

compiled libraries vs header only libraries
by you2 in Programming Languages

I am newish to C++ and I am trying to understand why some libraries need to be compiled first.

For example some boost libraries are header only (e.g. msm) some others need to be compiled (e.g timer)

I can't find a nice explanation for why is this so. Can someone help me understand?

Thank you

JNI - How to find missing libraries when confronted with “[lib].dll: Can't find dependent libraries”
by Ken in Programming Languages

I've been having some trouble moving a C project compiled and running in unix environment (through JNI) to Windows.

While I have been able to compile the program in windows and add the path leading to it in my runtime environment I've been getting the error after System.loadLibrary():

classesx32coremod.dll: Can't find dependent libraries

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