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Link error linking from managed to unmanaged C++ despite linking to .lib file with exported symbols
by IlLogiK in C & C++ & C#

Despite following various posts on using and linking to unmanaged C++ code from a C++/CLI wrapper dll, I cannot resolve these link issues.

1>MyClassAdapter.obj : error LNK2028: unresolved token (0A00000A) "public: __thiscall MyClass::~MyClass(void)" (??1MyClass@@$$FQAE@XZ) referenced in function "public: void * __thiscall MyClass::`scalar deleting destructor'(unsigned int)" (?

How can I build a C/C++ program using `static linking` & `Dynamic linking` with gcc & Visual studio?
by Eric in Programming Languages

A library can be used in an application in two ways:


But how to do that using both Visual Studio (windows) & GCC?

I know libraries are distributed only in these 4 ways:

header-only libraries
*.lib files for windows. *.a for linux
*.dll (windows) & *.so (linux).

Source distributi

How to specify base addresses for sections when linking or alternatively how to rebase a section after linking?
by IHateMyJob2004 in Operating Systems

Symbols can be linked at certain addresses with defsym as illustrated here. My question is whether the same can be done with sections? That is, given some .o object file, is it possible to specify the base address that sections will be relocated to?

Alternatively, is it possible to rebase a section after the final link? That is, to change the address of a s

Linking (or proper installation and linking) of jpeg-8d library
by Isaac in Programming Languages

I need JPEG handling capabilities in my project so I decided to use jpeg-8d library, after downloading packages I've made usual ./configure; make and make install. make test returns no errors and no problems was reported during the whole process but when I opened example.c in Code Blocks 10.05 compilation failed. I've "googled" some solutions and added

Android Static Linking vs Dynamic Linking against glibc
by terrestris in Programming Languages

I have been cross-compiling some Linux tools (and some of my own C code) to Android and one of the challenges that I face is that Android's libc has some missing/stripped components and I end up patching my code to make it work with Android's libc (for e.g. a problem like this http://credentiality2.blogspot.com/2010/08/compile-ncurses-for-android.html)

Q1 : How do I go about statica

import = dynamic linking? & include = static linking?
by Rob B in Programming Languages

I wonder the difference of import and include in Object-c

By the way, I am not clear about the difference of dynamic and static linking.

If I use a library with static linking,
is that mean I copy the code i need from library for my program and link with them?
Then my program can work with the code from library.

If i use a library with dynamic linki

Difference between static linking and dynamic linking
by surfsatwerk in Web Design

What is the difference between static linking and dynamic linking?

Implicit linking vs. explicit linking of DLL in Delphi
by Andrés León Álvarez in Programming Languages

I'm having trouble getting my dll to work when using explicit linking. Using implicit linking it works fine. Would someone google me a solution? :) No, just kidding, here's my code:

This code works fine:

function CountChars(_s: Pchar): integer; StdCall; external 'sample_dll.dll';
procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);

linking a Python module: difference between linking with `ld` and with `cc`
by krs in Programming Languages

This works:

cc leveldb_ext.cc leveldb_object.cc -o leveldb.so -I /usr/include/python2.7 -lpython2.7 -lleveldb -lsnappy -shared -lc

This does not work:

cc -I /usr/include/python2.7 -g -c leveldb_ext.cc leveldb_object.cc
ld -shared -o leveldb.so -lpython2.7 -lleveldb -lsnappy leveldb_ext.o leveldb_object.o -lc

In both ca

Linking from one tab to another tab and linking to a specific tab from a different page
by Riparian in Programming Languages

Sorry for asking this question but I am new to this and having a hard time figuring it out even when looking at some of the other solutions on this site.

I am trying to get links from test1 tab to switch to the appropriate tab (ex: link for test 3 makes content of test 3 appear.

The other question I had was how do I link from one page (ex: index.html) to test4 of tabs

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