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New York Stock Exchange Listing & De-listing Requirements
by adapar in Business
New York Stock Exchange listing and de-listing requirements are the standards a company must meet in order to conduct an initial public offering and stay listed on the exchange. Often companies that want to access to more capital to grow their business, pay back debt or make acquisitions file for an initial public offering. Companies must go through an extensive regulatory process once they decide

What a Listing Agent Needs to Do With a Short Sale Listing
by br0wn in Personal Finance
Some real estate agents avoid short sales at all costs. Short sales are complex transactions that can take a long time to close -- when they do close. However, for a prospective seller who can't pay her mortgage and can't sell because she owes more than her home is worth, a short sale is the answer to a prayer. Agents who list short sales provide a much-needed service to these desperate homeowners

Listing first name, last name at Users listing page !#
by psolord in Web Design

I have installed and configured User Profile module, which allows me to add fields like First Name, Last Name for users.

As of now, when I go to users list at /admin/user/user I see username column. How can I can add these extra fields in the column?

problem with listing images (listing first one twice)
by language-agnostic in Programming Languages

I need to list images from the server. The problem is that, first image needs to be in different div. I dont know what I do wrong here. The following code lists images as;



but it needs to list as;



<div id="main">
<a href="<%=IMAGES(0)

Disabling access to wsdl file in Axis Service Listing (listing services from wsdl's)
by Darren Torpey in Programming Languages

The listing of all deployed Services can be disabled by setting 'disableServiceList' to true in Axis; which is used in AxisServlet.java -> reportAvailableServices() .

However, is there a way to disable access to the wsdls ?

How to Get a REO Listing
by George H. in Personal Finance
Visit banks, agencies or other lending institutions on the Internet for the most up-to-date real estate-owned (REO) listings. Real estate-owned properties that have been foreclosed upon are properties that been taken back by the lender. Find REO listings by visiting lenders' websites directly or visit websites that offer REO listings at no charge. Use the listing information, along with the contac
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pik not listing ruby 1.9.3
by Ben Kohn in Programming Languages

I'm running win 7 and just installed pik via the installer. I listed the ruby versions and the most recent version is 1.9.2[-1.3.6]. I saw a post where someone mentioned to use "pik list -r" but pik tells me it's deprecated and then uses "list known" anyway. I want to install ruby 1.9.3 and do not currently have any ruby installed on this machine.

Sorry in advance if this is a dupli

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Prolog 'listing'
by Funkwarrior in Programming Languages

I often used SWI-Prolog's feature of being able to do listing(predicate). to see how it implements some of its predicates. I want to see exactly what it does with succ/2 because I'm using it on SWI-Prolog but I need it running with Sicstus too which doesn't have it! I've seen what it does in the SWI manual, tried to implement it but I think it must do something extra to what I've tried. My p

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php listing category
by Nothingness in Databases

I have a email booking form whit 3 type of category's, and in each of theme there is 3

packages to select, when i select a category in my select list menu, should appear in the bottom

the other select list menu with his related packages of the category.

What is the best way to make this?

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Listing Output?
by LinnheCreative in Programming Languages

I have an app that recurses through a drive and outputs files that have "invalid" characters. Now that I have to put a UI to it, i'm a bit confused.

Prior to this being a WinForm app, the code was (mind you, this STARTED as a Console App):

class Program
public static void Main(string[] args)
//recurse through files. Let user p
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