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Like live editing of XHTML and CSS in firebug can we do live testing of javascript without leaving page?
by nedfunnell in Javascript

Like live editing of XHTML and CSS in firebug can we do live testing of javascript without leaving page?

Links continue to point to live server - Drupal Live to localhost
by CodeOfficer in Development Tools & Services

I have inherited a Drupal 6 site to maintain.

I am new to Drupal so there is an element of learning as I go.

I have encountered a strange issue after attempting to set up a test site on my local machine.

All my links on my local site continue to point to the live server. So all menus, login buttons, etc. all point towards the live site.

Steps I h

how to set Broadcasting Credentials on FMS Application “Live” Live Stream
by Nate-X in Web Design

I have installed Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5, I got successful to run Live Broadcasting on "LiveStream".

However I wish to setup username & password on that FMS URL because right away any person can hook my FMS IP and broadcast easily.

How to do that?

Prevent hacking the grub.conf using a 'live rescue' from a live linux iso
by ChristianM in Operating Systems

It happened that I had set the grub password in grub.conf. But, using a live linux iso, I was able to delete the password from the grub.conf. Please read the steps for the same mentioned in this link: http://gofedora.com/how-to-recover-crack-root-password-grub-locked/

Instead of editing menu.lst, I edited the grub.conf. Rest all steps same

My question is:
Is there a

How to signout from windows live using microsoft.live.controls signin button inWindows Phone7?
by Steve in Operating Systems

Iam new to Window Phone Development.
Now Iam sign in into windows live id using Windows.live.controls.dll sign In button control.

Now my problem is how to sign out from the account by vlicking a button in windows phone.

please send me the sample code .


displaying live feeds : dailybooth live feed, twitter search result stream
by tdowg1 in Web Design

What is the web technology behind displaying live feeds like twitter search results and dailybooth live feed? Can I get similar results from any RSS with some coding?

jQuery live() - functionality loss - live() without click: but on enter key?
by htcg1htcg1 in Coding

I have a question regarding jQuery's live() function.

I am programming a forum. As soon as someone posts something and hits enter, jQuery appends the other posts and also inserts a textarea for comments, to which the following event handler applies:

//Comment on a post
$('.commenttext').keyup(function(e) {
if (((e.keyCode || e.which) == 13) && !e

live streaming from webcam without using Adobe live media encoder
by diablo805 in Web Design

right now i m using adobe live media encoder to stream live webcam video to the adobe flash media server. All i want to know is that is there a way to stream video to Adobe flash media server from inside a web page using some flash or flex code or some sort of plugin. I dont want the user to use a software installed on his machine ( like the live media encoder) to stream his webcam feed.

How to Get Tickets to and Attend a Live Taping of Saturday Night Live
by Daniel in Arts & Entertainment
Getting tickets to attend a live taping of Saturday Night Live is notoriously difficult. SNL is known to insiders as an "industry" show, and audiences are often made up of people in the entertainment industry. If you know how and when to request tickets, though, you can end up being there during a taping. For information on how to do it, just read the information below.Difficulty:Mode

How to test for live session variable and refresh via JavaScript if not live?
by Zivic in Javascript

I am using ColdFusion 8 and jQuery.

I have a page that uses a lot of ajax. When a button on the page is clicked, some data is sent to the CFC to retrieve data. The data retrieval requires session variables. If the page has sat unused for a while and the session has ended, the page creates an error. The user can click all he wants but won't see the error because it's behind the scen


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