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jQuery .load() : callback slideshow function doesn't load all images to load first, but then loads correctly on second .load()
by you2 in Programming Languages

Ive got this function,


that loads html into a wrapper with .load() and then fires up a plugin function called .nivoslider() which formats a list of images into a slideshow, depending on the dimensions of all the images in that list (has to wait for all of them to load to do that).

Once I fire .load() the first time (click

IE9: move and load flash-player in response to user-click, load fails
by compcons in Programming Languages

I have a jquery script that manipulates a jwplayer flash-player, using the jwplayer javascript api. When the user clicks a particular div, I move the player from one location (the 'holding-pen') to another location (the 'stage'), and then load and play a video.

The script works fine in firefox. But in IE9, the player does not load.

To reproduce the problem in IE9, I

Load testing a ec2 Node.js machine - Now… how do I remotely load test 6500 QPS?
by Paul in Web Design

Ok, I have my server built on ec2. My stack is Nginx as a load balancer, supervisord for managing processes for node.js i.e. one process for each cpu, and redis, master and slave on separate boxes. I have stress tested by testing failover and taking services offline. Using apache AB, on the server I can get up to 6500 QPS.

Now, I need to load test remotely. What are the best

ASP.NET site takes 10 seconds to load basic Hello World page but is instant on second load
by clubbedseal in Development Tools & Services

I have a ASP.NET program that works just fine but takes 10 seconds to load the default.aspx page, if I close the browser and quickly reopen the browser and enter the same URL then the page loads almost instantly. I have compiled my code and published the site so it contains dlls so it shouldn't need to compile. This delay is problem for me as my program is designed to get the data as quickly as

asp.net mvc + knockout + ajax partial load + reuse viewodel and load different data within the same page
by Vrki in Web Design

In a single asp.net MVC page, I've to show 3 reports of same layout/structor. So I created a page that generated a report using Knockout databind and 10 reports are generated by passing some additional parameters.

I tried to load all 3 reports using Ajax partial view and by this way I'm populating those 10 reports in one single page.

Now I happen to see a strange issue,

Change HTML Table column data on load without affecting load time
by undeinpirat in Programming Languages

I have an HTML table with ~1500 rows. I need to update the time column so that the time is displayed according to the users timezone, and this works fine. However, once I have the new time, I'm updating the date and time columns with the new information as follows -

var rows = $("table#headTable > tbody > tr");
var len = rows.length;
var n = getTimeZoneOff

Load balancing: Is there a way to tell from the client side, which server is currently being targeted by the load balancer?
by hondaf17 in Web Site Reviews

We have a load balanced website. It connects to 6 different servers. Is there any way (ping or otherwise) to determine from the client side, which server the load is being passed to by the load balancer?

jQuery load images from external file with lazy load plugin
by Rob M in Programming Languages

I'm using Lazy Load Plugin for jQuery to load imgs when page is scrolled. Additionaly I want to load images from gallery to container while user clicks an anchor (to prevent from unnecessary content loading), by .load() function:


My problem is fact, that .load() function strips <script> tags from lo

Local Load Testing: The load test results database could not be opened
by Dan Becker in Databases

I am creating some Load tests using VS2012. I can run the tests using a StorageType of "None", but when I change this to a StorageType of "Database" I get the dreaded error

The load test results database could not be opened. Check that the
load test results database specified by the connect string for your
test controller (or local machine) specifies a database that

How do I load Individual Div without load entire page and show loading status?
by Piriya in Programming Languages

How can I load individual Div separately without affecting current page and show loading status for that div with PHP and MySQL or Ajax and SQL

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