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How and where can I apply logs to check that a JSON file gets loaded when a web page in browser is loaded?
by Ohio in Web Design

How and where can I apply logs to check that a JSON file gets loaded when a web page in
browser is loaded?

I am using the browsers :- Firefox / Internet Explorer

In which code or file would I have to apply the "console.log"?

My page is a static one.

Create Tabs with loaded Data Grid Views from Dataset that is loaded from XML files, VB
by ChrisMe in Programming Languages

I'm taking XML files and reading them into a DataSet. Each time a xml is given a new tab will be created and a data grid view will be placed inside that tab with the data loaded into it from the xml given. The user can add as many xml files as they want with a simple add file button each file is made to be a separate table inside a dataset.

What i am having problems with is i can't

dynamically loaded object loaded into a C program gives undefined symbol errors on x86_64
by Gurpreet Singh in Programming Languages

I have a C program that dynamically loads a .so file at runtime in order to connect to a MySQL database. On an x86 (32bit) kernel this works fine but when I recompile my program on an x86_64 (64 bit) kernel I get runtime errors like this:

dlerror: mysql-1.932-x86_64-freebsd7.2.so::plugin_tweak_products: Undefined symbol "plugin_filter_cart"
dlerror: mysql-1.932-x86_64-f

Java script files are not getting loaded when JQuery Mobile Pages are loaded from AppCache
by Nate Childers in Web Design

I am developing an MVC 4 mobile application using QJuery mobile (latest version ). I am trying to setup offline accessability to the application using Manifest file. I am struck due to a strange problem that the Java Script file referenced in the cshtml files are not working when the page loaded from app cache. but the Inline scripts are working fine. everything works with out any issues if I d

Firefox doesn't execute one dynamically loaded <script> element until another is loaded
by James Clarke in Web Design

I'm implementing Comet using the script tag long polling technique, based on this page. Following on from my previous question, I've got it all working, except for one annoyance, which only happens in Firefox.

On the initial page load my Comet client JavaScript sends two requests to the Comet server (in the form of dynamically generated <script> tags that are appe

PHP file loaded with jQuery.ajax() can't access loaded functions
by sandorski in Programming Languages

Skip to the last two paragraphs if you can't be bothered to read details of the setup...

I am transitioning from a linear PHP+JavaScript CMS to an object-oriented PHP model with some bells and whistles a la jQuery and Ajax. I am trying to centralize as much code as possible with the following setup:


calls (via require_once()) setup.php (easy access to

Inject data into lazy-loaded Mongoid-model before it gets loaded
by Lathentar in Programming Languages

I am working on a versioning module for Mongoid (Mongoid::Versioning does not suit my needs) and whenever I create an object, I have the option to "go back in time". This works, however as soon as I have has_many or has_and_belongs_to_many, I don't want to eager-load all references.

How can I "inject" a variable into the proxy object before it get's filled with data from the databas

CSS loaded dynamically from jQuery plugin - CSS must be loaded because it's required for the function
by TheMoo in Coding

I have created a jQuery plugin for a navigation menu. Within JavaScript, in the jQuery plugin JavaScript file (at the top of the file) I am dynamically loading CSS related to the plugin. Then in $(document).ready(function() I am attaching the plugin to an HTML element, a DIV.

The problem is that when the plugin starts up, it calculates some outerWidth()s based on the C

How to check shared library is loaded successfully or not loaded using dlopen?
by Gerle in Programming Languages

Im loading a shared library using dlopen() function in C++ program.

Then how to check it is successfully loaded or not?
or Can we check that loading of library using mangled name of any function present in that library?

Is CLR loaded and initialized everytime,when a new managed application is loaded?
by ussballantyne in Programming Languages

Is CLR loaded and initialized everytime, when a new managed application is loaded and there is a managed application already present?

e.g. If on my machine, application "TestApp" is running and after that I start another application "DemoApp". In this case, wiill CLR be loaded again for DemoApp? Or it will use the same one which is loaded by TestApp?


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