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How to display “loading…” on document title while page loading?
by ms-access in Programming Languages

Im looking for a jquery code that replaces "loading..." with the document title and when the page is loaded it just removes and the default title comes back. Haha i know it sounds a bit crazy, but just like everyone says, "theres always a way". Thanks for the help! :)

defer loading elements until Flash gallery’s images from XML file finish loading
by Vinicios in Web Design

How would you defer loading of other graphics on the page until after the images in a Flash gallery’s images.xml file are finished loading?

Is there any way to detect for this, or would I only be able to check if the flash swf object is finished loading?

I'm pretty sure the swf object would be loaded/ready as with document.getElementById('flashobject').onload = f

Entity Framework in n-layered application - Lazy loading vs. Eager loading patterns
by Brainonska511 in Coding

This questions doesn't let me sleep as it's since one year I'm trying to find a solution but... still nothing happened in my mind. Probably you can help me, because I think this is a very common issue.

I've a n-layered application: presentation layer, business logic layer, model layer. Suppose for simplicity that my application contains, in the presentation layer, a form that allows

New York City Parking Regulations for Loading & Unloading in a Hotel Loading Zone
by got_bainne in Legal
New York city is infamous for its steep parking ticket fines, strict enforcement and sometimes incomprehensible parking regulations. Hotel parking rules are no exception. The seemingly simple task of parking in a hotel loading zone requires an understanding of the city's often puzzling parking vocabulary, and infringements will generally not be treated lightly. The LawNew York City parking code

Android, how to disable the showing “loading…” when loading a gridview?
by jason166 in Programming Languages

When my gridview loading content, it will always show a "loading..." string in grid item.

How can I disable it? so I want to keep the grid as original style when loading something.


EF: Lazy loading, eager loading, and “enumerating the enumerable”
by VulgarDisplay in Coding

I find I'm confused about lazy loading, etc.

First, are these two statements equivalent:

(1) Lazy loading:
_flaggedDates = context.FlaggedDates.Include("scheduledSchools")
.Include ("interviews").Include("partialDayAvailableBlocks")
(2) Eager loading:
_flaggedDates = context.FlaggedDates;

Entity Framework - what's the difference between using Include/eager loading and lazy loading?
by luger in Coding

I've been trying to familiarize myself with the Entity Framework. Most of it seems straight forward, but I'm a bit confused on the difference between eager loading with the Include method and default lazy loading. Both seem like they load related entities, so on the surface it looks like they do the same thing. What am I missing?

Jquery CSSlider loading gif freeze…not loading the plugin slideshow?
by nobodyzzz in Programming Languages

I have recently installed a Jquery plugin which I purchased onto my web server but when I try running the plugin on my page it just freezes on the loading gif image.....I have checked all paths to css, Jquery, images etc... and just can't seem to find the problem I decided after beating my brains for about 4 hours I need help, so I'm hoping someone here can resolve my problem. a link to my web

Loading wordpress post into div using ajax and masonry javascript, but href isn't loading into div
by Mexico in Javascript

I've seen a few issues with this before, but within a masonry script I'm not sure if I'm on the right track.

Result: the link opens an entirely new page, when what I'm trying to do is load the content into the div.

index.php code:

<div id="primary" class="site-content">
<div id="content" role="main">
<?php if (have_posts())

Is there a canonical way to present a “loading” pop-up for a slow loading web page?
by DarkKnightDude in Web Design


I have a web app that works in a simple way:

User clicks a button on page 1. This submits a POST request for page 2.

Page 2 takes 1-2 minutes to retrieve data on the back-end.

Page 2 back end sends the computed HTML to the browser, where it takes a while (10-30 seconds) to render.

The obvious usability problem here is that the

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