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Running local Java applet that accesses the local file system on Safari
Category : Java

I am unable to save a file to the local file system using the TiddlySaver.jar applet under MacOSX 10.7.5 and Safari 6.0.2.

Supposedly in Safari 6.0 there is a menu item under "Develop" called "Disable Local File Restrictions", but I do not see it in Safari 6.0.2. Perhaps there is another way to disable the restrictions that I am unaware of?

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MySQL accepting local, local network and external connections with bind-address?
Category : Operating Systems

I'd like to access MySQL internally (localhost), externally (from the machine's external ip), as well as by it's local network address. The idea is that requests from our webserver, which is also apart of the same network, won't have to leave the local network and come back in.

The problem I have is getting MySQL to accept requests to it's local address, as mf.cnf has the "bind-add

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Flash CS4/AS3 Writing local file from local game without save dialog prompt?
Category : Programming Languages

I'm writing a game to be run locally, on the user's computer. NOT over the internet.

I want to have a file that will hold the usernames and avatar indices (they're in an array).

I want to know if there's a way to write to files through Flash with AS3. I'm using CS4.

I'd also like to know if you can delete files through Flash, though that's just optional.


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django recipe for local.css and local.js (like settings_local.py) for app with multiple site installations
Category : Web Design

The question at hand is

What is a "correct" (meaning "djangonic" as opposed to "one true") way to add git/update-safe, localizable css & js files to a distributed django app?


I'm working on adding an option to all local css & js to a django web app (mdid3, aka rooibos) which I use and have been trying to contribute back to, but I'm a bit st

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How to determine if the local file is newer when moving local files to iCloud?
Category : Operating Systems

When the user enables iCloud in my app, I need to move all local files to iCloud. Here, I use setUbiquitous:itemAtURL:destinationURL:error: to move each file. The problem is, if (for any local file) the same file URL already exists on iCloud, this method fails.

My question is, how can I determine which file is newer (local vs iCloud) so that I can either overwrite the i

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How can i get IP address of systems in a local network which accessing the webpage from local server using php
Category : PHP

I have a local network which connected to internet through a proxy server, The proxy server IP address is All systems in the network assigned IP address manually like 192.168.0-6.1-255 ,Subnet mask, Default gateway

and i created another server in local network for accessing my website locally and its IP address is

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How to redirect local ouput to stdin over ssh to remotely execute a local script?
Category : Operating Systems

i am trying to remotely execute a perl script that takes data from stdin, over ssh.
The tricky part is that i don't want to upload the script itself to the remote server.
The data that the remote script will read from stdin is produced by another perl script run locally.

Let's assume the following:

my local script producing data is called cron_extract_section.pl
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Local sites not displaying in VirtualBox when using Django's local development server?
Category : Development Tools & Services

I develop web applications using Django on Mac OSX 10.6. I use Django's built in local development server which I run on my computer's IP (such as: I test my applications in Firefox, Safari and Chrome and all display fine. I use Sun's VirtualBox with 3 different instances of Windows XP that have IE6, IE7 and IE8 on them.

For whatever reason, these sometim

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how to monitor/sniff local DNS lookups to the windows local DNS? (on XP, Vista, Win7)
Category : Programming Languages

Is there a way in .NET (for a WPF application running on XP, Vista, or Windows 7) to monitor/sniff DNS lookups that the application is making to local DNS?

For example, is there a log file for a windows local DNS cache somewhere?

(Background - parsing network packets doesn't seem to work as a DNS lookup may not have to be issued outside of the PC if it is already cach

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Choose local video and play it in HTML5 videoplayer (all local, same folder)
Category : Web Design

for school I need to use a HTML5 videoplayer with extra controls and the option to choose a file from local drive. The page runs local, too. So it is not uploaded. The files (HTML and video) are in the same local folder.

For the choose-thing I use a form with <form><input type="file" id="chosen" /><button type="submit" onclick="open();">Change</button>&

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