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http://localhost/mydirector/ - echo mydirectory and avoid 404 error on localhost
by George in Programming Languages

I have the URL http://localhost/mydirector/, I want to echo mydirectory and not have a 404 error. mydirectory does not exist as a directory, but is taken as username. I am using Windows/apache/MySQL,PHP. All this happening on localhost or


Quitting client on localhost, without disconnecting a TCP connection to server on localhost (without FIN packet)
by JulianCT in Development Tools & Services
Original Question

I am connecting to a node.js TCP server (on localhost) with telnet and I am trying to explore keep-alive probes.

As a first test, I would like to connect to the server with telnet and kill the telnet session in a way that does not send a FIN packet. (Letting the server think the TCP socket is still 'healthy'.) Unfortunately I can't seem to find a clever way of

Displaying query output from a php file on the browser; Use of undefined constant localhost - assumed 'localhost'
by Creig in PHP

I am very new to php and trying to work stuff around as they come across.

I am trying to display the output of a query on the web page. Following is the code.

@mysql_select_db($database) or die( "Unable to select data

publish mvc 3 application to localhost and connect to localhost sql server database
by Vlad Sirenko in Programming Languages

I have published the mvc 3 application to the IIS 7 localhost. I have use Entity Framework 4 database first. While publishing application the .mdf file is placed under App_Data folder of wwwroot/mvc3applciation . In practical how do I connect to the localhost sql server 2008 not to the .mdf file of App_Data and after that does the entity framework work fine. What I have to configure to connect

How can I access localhost by hostname while running localhost squid proxy?
by Idontcare in Network & Servers

I can access localhost:49250 through localhost proxy. I can access myhost:49250 with no proxy. How do I access myhost:49250 through localhost squid proxy?

Squid 2.7

Fiddler - letting localhost pass through (not debugging localhost) how?
by Progdis in Web Design

I need to use fiddler to block traffic to a site using autoresponder when working with localhost (as localhost). My question is how to make fiddler transparent to localhost traffic. I don't necessarily need the localhost traffic to go through fiddler, I just don't want fiddler to block it.

I did it in the past after some research but unfortunately I can't find the info.

How to set xampp open localhost:8080 instead of just localhost
by markku in Development Tools & Services

I use XAMPP 1.7.3. Apache and MySQL installed. Nothing else.

Apache installed on default port 80. Clicking on Admin next to Apache opens http://localhost/xampp/. Which works as expected.

I navigated to xampp/apache/conf/httpd.conf and edited it. Set Listen 8080. Now http://localhost:8080/xampp/ works as expected but the

IIS7 on Windows 7 and trying to browse to localhost:80 changes to localhost
by Vinicios in Operating Systems

On Windows 7 I open IE 8 and browse to localhost:80 and something is changing it to localhost.
Why is this happening?

The same happens if i browse to it changes to (without the port).

I am trying to use fiddler to browse locally i.e. via http://localhost./80 and it is not working


localhost redirects to http://www.localhost:8000/
by pttr in Operating Systems

I have a problem with my google chrome and firefox (the only 2 browsers I have)

When run my django server with ./manage.py runserver and when I go to chrome or firefox and enter localhost:8000 chrome redirects to http://www.localhost:8000/

do you know what is the problem??

my hosts file is:

# /etc/

Drupal localhost redirecting to www.localhost.com
by Kevin in Programming Languages

I am working on a drupal site which I checked out (svn) to my localhost.

Now the problem is that when I go to:


it all works fine, but when I go to:


I get redirected to


I have ran the install.php script and all works great. I


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