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Populate a dropdown list located on a page with rows selected in grid view located on another page
by IHateMyJob2004 in Programming Languages

- I have a grid view in one of my page.
- It has active/inactive check box.

- Grid view Code is:

<asp:GridView ID="gvEvent" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False" DataKeyNames="EventID" PageSize="20"
AllowPaging="true" BackColor="White"
BorderColor="Silver" BorderStyle="Soli

Where Is the 02 Sensor Located?
by zclin in Cars
Engines rely on a variety of mechanical and electronic systems to power a car efficiently. One device used for this function is the O2 sensor, which is located in a specific section of a car. DefinitionAn O2 sensor, also referred to as an oxygen sensor, is an electronic device designed to measure the amount of oxygen present in the exhaust gases. The engine computer unit, or ECU, uses these mea

Where Is the Sphinx Located on a Map?
by walkah in Travel
The Great Sphinx is perhaps one of the most recognizable and intriguing landmarks in the world. It captivates scores of travelers every year and continues to provoke scientific and academic theories about its history and purpose. BasicsThe Great Sphinx is located in Giza which is a city just southwest of Cairo. Most conventional maps will not necessarily show the Sphinx but instead a circle for

Qooxdoo xhr.js cannot be located
by iyogee in Programming Languages

The current project i am working on consists of 2 parts. 1 part is a
qooxdoo app. And the other is a html file that will be rendered in the
browser widget of qooxdoo.

I recently had to make some changes to the second part (not touching

After i copied over the files i needed to connect the Qx app to the html
page. Then it gave me some err

Can a loaded DLL know where it is located?
by msmy300z in Programming Languages

I am building a DLL that is used by Office. When Office runs with it, I would like to identify where it is located. Is that possible?

ex. of code within the DLL when it is run within Office:

// should return C: mpofficeaddin.dll,
// currently C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice 12

How to Put Where You Are Located on Facebook
by gnirpaz in Internet
Facebook, a prominent social networking website, allows its users to apply a wide range of information and personal preferences. This enables fellow members to identify you based on gender, age, interests, location and more. For example, listing your current location helps friends and family search for you more effectively. You may update such information using Facebook's main preference page.Diff

Where Are Emails Located on MSN?
by SeaSerpent in Internet
The Microsoft network has a variety of email addresses to suit your needs. Among them are hotmail.com, msn.com and live.com. Finding the login address for your Microsoft email is quick and easy. All you need is the web address, your username and password, and you will be on your way. MSN.comIn the early days of the web, MSN.com had its own Internet service, and today it remains as a thriving co

Where Is the RAM Located in Your Computer?
by jch in Computers
Understanding the purposes and locations of your computer hardware gives you the ability to save money on upgrades and repairs. PC RAM is one of the most beneficial upgrades you can make from a cost vs. performance standpoint. SignificanceUnderstanding the internal layout of your computer system allows you to make upgrades and replace faulty parts without having to pay a technician.

Where Is Saturn Located in the Sky?
by Cornflex in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Saturn is the second largest of all the known planets in our solar system and is the sixth world in terms of distance from the sun. Saturn, like the other planets, orbits the Sun, taking 29.5 Earth years to complete one revolution. Where Saturn can be found in the night sky depends on where the planet is on that journey around the sun. The ZodiacThe zodiac is made up of a dozen constellation th

Where Is the CPU Located on a Computer?
by OlioEngr in Computers
Though seemingly unintentional, the placement of a central processing unit (CPU) on a motherboard is a strategical design choice made by manufacturers for various reasons. Most notably, CPU cooling and internal device temperatures are taken into consideration when deciding the placement of a CPU on a motherboard. MisconceptionsThe processor placement is not a requirement to be considered within

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