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Does Location#distanceTo(Location) take Location#getAccuracy() into account?
by tamizhvendan in Programming Languages

I want to write a LocationListener that takes the most accurate and precise recent location as its location. I'm intending to use this code in my LocationListener:

public void onLocationChanged(Location location) {
mLocation = location;

jaxws-maven-plugin resolving WSDL location relative to class location, why?
by unfool in Programming Languages

I'm using the jaxws-maven-plugin version 2.1. I've found out very strange code generated for WSDL location from jar resources:


iPhone : How do I display the user location on a map view without updating location / having GPS running in the background?
by DougoMan in Mobile Programming

how do I display the user location in a mapView while not running GPS to update the location (at all)? Will

mapView.userTrackingMode = kCLLocationAccuracyNearestTenMeters;

do the job or will GPS still burn battery in the background?

Thanks :)

PHP “header (location)” inside IFRAME, to load in _top location?
by Hosein Mohtasham in Programming Languages

I have a simple form which is inside IFRAME. When user click on SUBMIT, it redirects to a specific page on my server. The function I use for the redirect is

header ('Location: mypage2.html');
exit ();

But I want the new page to open in _top location, not inside the same IFRAME that I use. How can I tell the browser to open the new page in _top not insi

Randomly assign work location and each location should not exceed the number of designated employees
by Canada in Databases

I am trying to select unique random posting/recruitment places of employees within a list of places, all the employees are already posted at these places, i am trying to generate a new random posting place for them with "where" condition that "employee new random location will not be equal to their home place and randomnly selected Employees with their designation must be less than or equal to

How come a request to the server is answered with the 301 status code and with the SAME location I asked for in the Location header?
by Puffnstuff in Web Design

I'm writing a script which tries to access a web-page through HTTP. (The real page is not public, so I'll use an example page to explain my question.) For example, I'm trying to GET the page example.com/mypage. The server returns 301, and when I check the Location header I see it's value is... http://example.com/mypage - that is the EXACT same location I w

is there any web api or webiste for finding some location and its nearest alike location based on longitude and latitude?
by slpnshot in Development Tools & Services

I have bunch of longitudes and latitudes about some sport venues and gigs.
I want to find a way to get some similar venues in near location of the same venues but I don't have any idea.

I've heard by the help of dbpedia I can do that but to be honest I don't have any idea how can I query dbpedia according to find some nearest venues.

is there any web api/service web

Does the request for Location Updates from the location manager happen only after the minimum distance condition is met?
by ugufugu in Programming Languages

I am trying to use the Location manager to request for location updates with minimum battery consumption.
Now I use the following piece of code to request for Location Updates in my activity class.

LocationManager locManager = (LocationManager) this.getSystemService(Context.LOCATION_SERVICE);
locManager.requestLocationUpdates(LocationManager.GPS_PROVIDER, polltimeInterval,

How to also change the location of index files when changing the default build location in Xcode?
by FuzzyHornet in Programming Languages

I'm using Xcode version 3.2.2.

If I follow these steps with Xcode:

create a new Cocoa application called "Test"
in Info change the "Build Products Path" to "_build"
build project

I find that there is still a "build" directory being created called:

build/Test.build/Test.pbxindex/<various files>

These look like the f

How to easily find screen location of form Location in multi-monitor environment?
by smbrant in Programming Languages

In a C# winform application running in a multimonitor environment (desktop is stretched across 2 or 3 monitors), the Location property of a Form represents the location of the form on the spanned desktop instead of the location of the form on the physical screen. Is there an easy way to find the Location of the form in screen coordinates, for the screen that the form is on? So if the form is i

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