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How to Compare a Child Locator and GPS Locator for Children
by laptop302.vn in Electronics
Take advantage of the advances in location-based technology by selecting a GPS locator or child locator for your child. Consider and compare standard and bonus features of these locators as well as cost and durability to help you decide. But remember, talking to your child and preparing your child ahead of time just in case is the very first thing to do, whether or not you invest in a child locato

Convert Xpath locator to CSS locator in Selenium
by Justin Bowers in Development Tools & Services


This xpath locator works fine in Firefox:


This does not work in IE. I have been trying to convert to CSS locator
without success. The item I am trying to select is Seller. Here's the
whole blob:

<div style="width: 168px; overflow: auto; heigh

Selenium CSS locator space in locator
by walkah in Web Design

I know that selenium can use css locators.

I know that the syntax is something like this:

css=#topLeft .name

Now, what if .name is like this: //span[contains(@class,'name with space')]

Then it would fail... HOw to look for a locator that has space in it?

Thanks! <

What Is a GPS Locator Map?
by Navin in Electronics
A GPS locator map is a map that is displayed by a Global Positioning System to provide a visual guide in addition to the audio directions generally provided by such systems. The level of detail can vary from device to device, as can the size and design of the display. GPSThe GPS is a satellite network composed of 24 navigational satellites in constant orbit around the planet. Personal GPS devic
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DIY GPS Locator
by cubeless in Electronics
A global positioning system locator will keep you from getting lost when you are in unfamiliar territory. You can purchase a dedicated device for a few hundred dollars. Alternatively you can make your own using a smart phone and a free GPS program. The advantage of using a smart phone is that you can also share your position with other people.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'l
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What Is My IP Locator?
by Janko in Internet
As endless as the Internet might seem, every user is recognizable. When you go online to do research or conduct your day-to-day business, you leave an electronic footprint behind. One way that your computer activity can be tracked and your Internet experience can be enhanced is by using your Internet Protoco (IP) address. DefinitionThe IP address for your computer is a unique identifier. It is
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GPS Locator for Dogs
by Ernest Hill in Electronics
A dog may be man's best friend, but even the best one can get separated from its owner. New devices based on GPS (global positioning system) technology can help dog owners pinpoint the locations of their pets by using their computers or smart phones. How It WorksA GPS locator for dogs is a lightweight, weather-resistant device that can be attached to a dog's collar. Internally, they consist of
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DIY Metal Locator
by mii in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Treasure hunters and various hobbyists around the world use metal detectors regularly to search for relics. Metal coins and other valuable objects hidden in the ground are detected by the metal detector, which makes an audible sound every time a metal object is close by. However, various relic aficionados and amateurs are put off by the high cost of metal detectors in stores. A more cost effective
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How to Become an Asset Locator
by Ferzerp in Business
Though there are resources available to the general public to help people find unclaimed money and other property, it takes expertise to located hard-to-find assets, which is why many people hire asset locators. Asset location is a business than can be run on a full- or part-time basis, and the startup costs are low since there is no need for inventory. If you're interested in becoming an asset lo

How to Hardwire a GPS Locator
by Orkspalter in Cars
By hardwiring a global positioning system -- or GPS -- to an automobile, you can eliminate the need for an external battery to power the device. A hardwired GPS is powered by the car's battery, via a fuse adapter that plugs into the fuse panel. Before you begin hardwiring the GPS, disconnect the battery to avoid electrocution.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Fuse ada
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