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How to Do a Logarithmic Graph
by br0wn in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Plotting a logarithmic graph is similar to graphing any other mathematical function. A logarithmic point consists of both an independent variable, which is the inputted value, and a dependent variable, which is the result of the log. Knowing the shape of the graph of the general log function allows you to perform transformations on it such as vertical and horizontal shifts, shrinks and stretches a

Logarithmic UISlider
by NesuD in Development Tools & Services

Are there any preferred methods for having a UISliders values change logarithmically, rather than linearly? So that, for example, the value changes from 0 to 25 over the first half of the slider, and 25 to 100 over the second half.

How to Calculate Logarithmic Mean
by The Merg in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Almost everyone is familiar with the mathematical concept of a mean, even if they know it by its more common name, the average. By summing the terms in a series and dividing the resulting number, you can obtain the mean of a given group of numbers. A logarithmic mean is very much like this. Often used when calculating temperature differences, a logarithmic mean is obtained in much the same way as

Logarithmic series of numbers from 1 to MAX
by Platinumjsi in Programming Languages

I'd like to calculate a logarithmic range of numbers from 1 to MAX, with the approximate total count of numbers being TOTAL.

A non-logarithmic example might be:

$max = 3600;
$total = 100;
$range = array();
for($i = $total; $i > 0; $i--){
$range[] = round($max/$i);

This creates a roughly equally distributed range ho

Logarithmic plotting of points
by iyogee in Development Tools & Services

I was wondering if give a number of 2D points, how do calculate where to draw a point on a screen in a logarithmic y scale?

I tried to just take the logarithm of all the y-values of points and than plot them 'normally' (plot point [x, log(y)] => on height: height*log(y)/log(max)). But this approach causes problems for y-values under 1. So this makes me wonder if my method in general

Logarithmic condition of AVL Tree
by pansapiens in Programming Languages

For my AVL Tree implementation, I have a node which has a left, right and parent pointer, and a balance variable. Each time I am inserting a new node and carrying out the required rotation, I am updating the balance by subtracting the right sub-tree from the left sub-tree. This method in question calls itself recursively to calculate the height.

The method in question:

How to prove logarithmic complexity
by Stringjam in Programming Languages
for (int i = 1; i < N; i *= 2) { ... }

Things like that are the signatures of logarithmic complexity.

But how get log(N)?

Could you give mathematical evidence?

Big-oh complexity for logarithmic algorithms
by ruby-on-rails in Careers & Job Searching

Few more problems I ran into calculating the Big-oh complexity. There are 2 problems which I cannot solve due to log base operations. Here are the two problems:

n = # of data items being manipulated

1) n^3 + n^2 log (base 2) n + n^3 log (base 2) n

2) 2n^3 + 1000n^2 + log (base 4) n + 300000n

I am confused when the logs have a base number. How do

Logarithmic charts in crossfilter
by Raghu in Web Design

I'm charting various lists of data into histograms using crossfilter. Some of the item's values are a lot higher than others and I'm keen to plot the histograms in a logarithmic fashion.

Is there a way I could convert all the summed item counts into logarithmic values after reduceSum has been called? I'm keen to add in something like

Math.log(d.count) / Math.LN10;

Logarithmic Bar Chart with Protovis
by Enar in Web Design

Can you please help me? I'm trying to convert a bar chart that I created in linear scale to a logarithmic scale - thus, the y axis needs to be logarithmic. The x axis is just the years, so it can be linear. But I'm having so much trouble understanding how the scales work, even with the tutorials.

var w, h, allData;
w = 1000,
h = 600
allData = [220,240,240,260,300,

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