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How to reduce height of twitter bootstrap nav bar when using brand logo rather than font logo
by Brian O'Neill in Web Design

I am using twitter bootstrap but have a problem with the nav bar height - css.

I want to reduce the height of the nav bar to 30px but when I use an img logo the nav bar will not reduce in height. I have reduced logo size but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Totally stumped and annoyed.

Jquery Tools - Scrollable, circular - problem with a logo parade, logos don't re-appear until the last logo is shown
by Thaweesak Suksuwan in Coding

I am having an issue with jquery tools / scrollable plugin.

Using the circular:true option, on this page:

The logo parade shown will only clone the logos when the last logo is reached. This leaves a visible gap between the time the last logo is shown and the first logo is replicated.

I need to change the logic behind circular s

How to Print a Logo on Letterhead From Logo Maker Software
by AJacques in Business
Business stationery plays a huge role in a company's brand identity, so it needs to be cohesive and consistent with the rest of a company's branding. It should visually carry out the company's brand while denoting authenticity. Typically, business letterhead contains a company's logo, address, phone number and website address.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Adobe Il

How to train HOG Descriptor ? LOGO identification/logo Recognition..
by Erik Ordway in Development Tools & Services

i am looking for some tool/software that can train HOG descriptor for some object.
or if there is any straight tutorial for doing this, please provide the link of it.
or suggest how can i train hog descriptor. Basically my aim is to detect the logo of the channel from the image of television.. the image of the program(going on television) is taken from camera. .. this image is

How to Design a Logo Quickly Using AAA Logo
by James Dio in Computers
Logo design requires graphic artists to create design "symbols" for their customers. Each "symbol" captures the fundamental qualities which distinguishes a business from its competitors. With years of experience, graphic designers develop an eye for seeing good design. AAA Logo provides a quick way for graphic designers to rapidly cycle through templates and craft an effective logo.Difficulty:Mode

How to change android boot logo (u-boot-logo.data)?
by Steve O. in Android

I am trying to change the android mascot boot splash image that shows up after booting an android device. The original file for this image is named u-boot-logo.data, and is located among the firmware installation files in the folder FirmwareInstall. How may I edit and change it to a different image? What is its file format?

How can I add a logo through CSS?
by Boyer C. in Programming Languages

How can I add my logo into my css stylesheet as I have tons of php pages and I dont want to manually add in one by one.

Basically I wan to have a global function so I just need to put in one page.

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How to get w3c Logo
by nchaimov in Web Site Reviews

I want to certify my website webpage and put w3c logo.can I simply put the w3c logo after validation? or what else does it take?

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How to Get a Logo
by Henschkowski in Business
Your new business is about to make its debut but before you introduce it, you need a logo. This powerful symbol does more to identify a brand---it acts as a symbol that embodies your business while transcending language and culture. Think about UPS, McDonald's, Quaker and Pepsi. Each logo creator used color, images and words to reduce an international conglomerate to 1 square inch of highly recogn
TAGS : Logo

Do it Yourself Logo
by darko.topolsek in Business
Designing your own logo can be a rewarding experience that can save you money and allow you to truly express the overall vibe of your business. With modern graphic design software and the many tools available online, you can design a logo that represents the core values of your company. With a little creativity, you can design a logo that is as good as any you see today in the business world. P
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