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How to Prevent Twitter Logout
by Jeeebus in Internet
Twitter's social blogging interface lets users send small messages to friends and family. The Twitter interface has a "Remember Me" setting, which means you stay logged in to your account. This means you do not need to log in the next time you navigate to your Twitter home page. The service automatically logs you in to the application. You should use this option only on a home computer so that oth

Tutorial for a PHP Session Logout
by Piriya in PHP
Sessions start each time your user logs in to a Web page. The session is maintained by the server, and it identifies the authenticated user each time the user calls a different secured Web page. After the user logs out, you must destroy the session. PHP provides you with the "session_destroy" function to log out a user after the session expires or after the user manually logs out.Difficulty:Modera

How to Logout of the Apple Store
by Rineau in Computers
Unlike most Web stores, the Apple store does not incorporate a "Logout" feature into its site. Instead, Apple designed the site to securely re-prompt you for a password every time a significant account action occurs. Additionally, each time you log in the connection is of an extremely limited duration and can therefore be forced to expire. Once a session expires you are automatically logged out of
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How to Avoid Auto Logout in CDE
by Platinumjsi in Computers
Common Desktop Environment refers to window-based computer operating systems. People generally use the term CDE to describe a variety of windows operating systems, including Linux, Macintosh and Microsoft. Operating systems have many components, features and functions that work together to manage the operations of a computer. Many of these operations are configured to automatically occur, which ca
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How to Make a Login and Logout on a Website
by Insomniator in Internet
Log-in pages are a critical component of many dynamic web applications. They provide an air of authority and security to websites that use them. Additionally, users have come to expect a log-n page on most legitimate websites. Learning to create log-in pages is useful, both for personal projects and for enterprise purposes. Also, log-in pages are relatively easy to code. While web development is a

How to Avoid the MSN Homepage on Hotmail Logout
by tanknique in Internet
When you sign out of your Hotmail account, your Web browser will load the MSN homepage automatically. If you want to avoid the MSN homepage, you must click a button on your Web browser immediately during the Hotmail logout process. However, you must perform this action each time you want to avoid the MSN homepage.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Log out of your Hotmail account by clicking "Sign Out.

How to Logout of Gmail on an iPod Touch
by mrmt in Electronics
Using the Safari browser on your iPod Touch, you can access your Gmail account to send and receive email messages. Unlike many Web-based email programs, however, Gmail will remain open in your iPod Touch's Web browser until you manually sign out of Gmail. This means the next time you open Safari and access Gmail, you will need have to enter your Gmail password. To secure your email account, you wi

How to identify that the user is not logged off without having clicked the logout button?
by Mytime34 in Web Design

How to identify that the user is not logged off without clicking the logout button using jQuery or javascript.

Here I need the logout button to appear when the user is not logged off when pressing the back button in the browser to go back to the previous page .

Here is my logout button:

<a id="webviewbtn" href="#"><img src="img/logout.png" styl

asp.net membership controls, Login1_LoggingOut is not called when clicking logout
by danielsdesk in Programming Languages

I have a loging control that is nested within a loginview. When I click the logout link, my method `

protected void LoginStatus1_LoggingOut(object sender, EventArgs e)
Guid guidUserId = AuthenticatedUser.LoginUserID;
if (guidUserId != new Guid())
PortalDataContext db = new PortalDataContext(

How to Prevent the Return to MSN Home Page on Hotmail Logout
by Xpto in Internet
When you log out of your Hotmail account, by default you're returned to the MSN home page, a website that features a variety of daily news stories. Unfortunately, Hotmail doesn't offer an easy way to prevent this from happening -- you can't just change a setting to stop the redirect. However, you can stop your browser from redirecting in one of two ways -- by using the back button at the appropria

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