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.Net / Windows Event Logs: How to keep specific logs when “Overwrite events as needed” is set
by kivava in Programming Languages

We have a VB.Net 2.0 application which logs a great many events.

As is usual practice, to stop the application failing when HDD space runs out we have the "Overwrite events as needed" option set.

This means that we only ever have around 6 hours of logs available to us at any one time.

Most of the logs are information only and can be discarded however there ar

How to read TaskScheduler logs in from Windows Server “application and services logs” in Python
by Tom D in Programming Languages

How can I read (in Python) the logs from Windows Server 2008:

Event Viewer
Application and Services Logs
Task Scheduler


How do I see detailed logs in Heroku, similar to the logs I see in my dev environment?
by ShintaiDK in Programming Languages

In my dev environment, when I make a request on my app, I see the AREL & SQL queries like this:

Started GET "/products/20" for at 2012-12-31 19:18:40 -0500
Processing by ProductsController#show as HTML
Parameters: {"id"=>"20"}
Category Load (0.2ms) SELECT "categories".* FROM "categories" LIMIT 6
Product Load (0.1ms) SELECT "products".*

Differences Between Natural Gas Logs & Propane Logs
by teabagbrewster in Home & Garden
To warm the home or create just the right atmosphere, many homeowners will consider installing artificial logs in their fireplaces. Determining which type depends primarily on where you live and your preferences. Natural gas and propane logs have some differences that are important to understand before making a buying decision. Function and LooksThe logs are the same for both natural gas and p

How to query Appengine Logs API for logs from ALL versions of app?
by ArdentRogue in Programming Languages

I'm trying to use the Logs API to query for logs in my application. However, I'd like to query for logs for ALL versions of my application. The log service has a query parameter called majorVersionIds which you can set to a list of versions you want to query for or null for the current running version.

I'd like to query for ALL versions but I don't have a static list of all the vers

IIS logs freeze with a lot of logs having identical timestamp at 23.59.59 UTC
by matt.s in Web Design

I have an IIS 7.5 server, hosting a web application on .NET 4.0. I have enabled IIS logs to log requests on a daily basis. However I have observed that, after 23.59.59 the timestamp of request freezes within the log, generating a lot of logs (~1000) with that timestamp, when in reality there were hardly 5-10 requests at that point in time. Any clues?

Refractory Logs Vs. Ceramic Logs
by raghu78 in Home & Garden
Gas burning fireplaces come in two different styles, vented and vent free. It is important to know which one you have before choosing a fireplace log. Vent free fireplaces use either refractory or ceramic logs. These two types of logs have some differences that you should consider so as to choose the right one for your fireplace. How Vent Free Logs WorkBoth refractory and ceramic logs have a bu

Heroku + Logs Command :: Can Logs Detail can be increased at Heroku
by Rida Al Barazi in Programming Languages

Is it possible to see the last log of Heroku server. I have used heroku logs to see the last process but it shows limited log. But i want to see more process done at heroku. So what command or what process should I follow to see the logs at Heroku.

Thanks in advance.

How to list all Call logs from Log list including Sms and email logs also?
by postino in Programming Languages

I want to access the sms logs also . but I don't find any way , I already accessed the call logs using CallLog.Calls ,it's unable to list sms logs .
below code is listing only call logs , but not all logs even sms logs are not listed (sms logs means logs created because received and sent sms) . please help me to find the way to retrieve the sms logs . please ans if possible sir .

Game App Client-Server: MySQL logs “too many connections”, Linux logs “100% CPU”
by Niels Kloster in Programming Languages

I am developing a game with client-server, client of this game can be from Flash Web, J2ME or Android Mobile. Every day there are 300-400 users play this game. I am faced with headache problem, and I spent many days to resolve it, but hopeless ...When I run this app on server Linux (8 core processors): after one day this app consumes CPU about 100% (one core is used 100%), and the second day it


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