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Python converting - [<Location: London>] to London
by clifton anderson in Web Design

Excuse my total newbie question but how do I convert:

[<Location: London>] or [<Location: Edinburgh>, <Location: London>] etc


'London' or 'Edinburgh, london'

Some background info to put it in context:


class Location(models.Model):
place = models.CharF

Hotels in London Near the Tower of London
by jbulow in Travel
Hotels near the Tower of London, one of the English capital's most popular tourist sites, fall inside London's business area, known as the "City." By subway ("the Tube"), bus and taxi, these hotels put you within easy reach of major attractions such as the London Eye, the Tate Modern Art Museum, the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace. In addition, hotels near the Tower of London are less

How to get around London
by doctorbigtime in Travel
London is one of the largest cities in the world and to the uninitiated it can seem like a nightmare to get around. Precise definitions of the city limits are ill-defined but it is generally taken to mean the 32 boroughs that make up inner and outer London. Londoners often describe their city as a collection of distinct villages. A vast network of road and transport options connect these areas and
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About London
by Matt Brewer in Travel
London is renowned for its history, culture, arts and diversity. Every year, visitors from around the globe come to this thriving metropolis. There is no doubt as to its importance and its place in international affairs. With some 2,000 years of history, the destination continues to hold an important place on the world stage. HistoryLondon was first established as a city by the Romans nearly 2,
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How to Buy a Dog in London
by Taylon Silmer in Pets
Living in London can mean a hectic lifestyle, even for those without a pet. When you decide to invite a dog into your family, make sure you consider all your options for the best chance of finding a good match. With the right breed, the right seller and the right resources, you can take on the big city with a happy dog at the end of your leash.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Choose your breed. Cons
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About the London Zoo
by Niels Kloster in Travel
The London Zoo is one of the most famed and beloved attractions in all of England. It opened in the spring of 1828 and is known to be the world's oldest scientific zoo. With more than 15,000 animals in its numerous exhibits, the London Zoo is home to one of the largest collections of animals in the United Kingdom, making it a haven for tourists and animal lovers. Children's ZooAnimal Adventure
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MBA Programs in London
by ghost recon88 in Education
Many of London's business schools offer both full-time and part-time Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree programs. Unlike traditional full-time MBA programs in the United States, MBA programs in England often require only one year to complete. London's business schools have earned high rankings in publications such as "The Guardian" and "Financial Times." City University London Cass
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Difference Between London EMS & USA
by Excessi0n in Careers & Job Searching
Emergency medical services (EMS) provide pre-hospital emergency care and transport to hospitals for definitive care. While systems vary in their structure in the United States and the United Kingdom, the purpose of preventing death due to preventable injury is the same. London EMS HistoryLondon Ambulance Services traces its roots to the 1900s. Ambulances consisted of horse-drawn carriages, and

Law Universities in London
by Micah in Education
Law schools in England tend to be located at prominent universities. In fact, some of the best British law schools are located at some of the world's top universities, like Cambridge and Oxford. The city of London, the U.K.'s largest and most historic city, is also home to a number of top-rated law universities. London School of EconomicsThe law department at the London School of Economics (LSE

Facts About the London Eye
by sReas in Travel
The London Eye provides a massive Ferris Wheel experience to view London's skyline and beyond. Run by British Airways and created for the millennium celebration, the London Eye provides a great way to get an overview of London's many beautiful attractions, including Big Ben and the House of Parliament. TicketsTickets for a "flight" on the London Eye are available online at LondonEye.com or at t
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