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empty lookup table vs non-matching lookup table (lookup transform)
Category : Web Design

is empty lookup table the same as non-matching lookup table in lookup transform?

what would be the result if no row redirection is configured?
1) an empty result set or
2) package failure at the lookup transform

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Lookup tables in Entity Framework 5.0 (Single table for Multiple Lookup Values)
Category : Coding

In my legacy database we have following way of storing lookup tables.

Lookup Table
1 Category
2 Country
3 Region
4 Cities
5 Roles

Each lookup table record will have multiple Lookup Details

Inside LookupDetails table, Country will contains all the list of countries, Region will contains all l

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Android 4.1+/ContactContract: Lookup group to given contactId (derived from lookup a number)
Category : Programming Languages

The following function has a phone number as input parameter (e.g. +436641234567 or +436641234567) and performs two lookups in the Contacts database: first, identify the user belonging to this number (this already works) and then to use the id of the user to get all groups this contact is assigned to (and this does not work). Test gives back the correct id (again), however, the group is "null".

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Multiple lookup control instances of the same lookup field on CRM 2011 Form
Category : Web Design

I have a CRM 2011 form with multiple control instances of the same lookup field. Each of these instances is included in a different section. Only one section is visible on form load, depending on a category data field, by applying the setVisible attribute appropriately on the sections in the onLoad javascript function.

In this situation, every time I change the visible

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CAML + lookup fields. How to get items where the source of the lookup field is deleted?
Category : Software

I have two lists where one (the destination) has a lookup to the other (the source), like this:

Source list:
ID Title
1 Audi

Destination List:
ID CarBrandLookup Title
1 1;#Audi Executive Car
2 2;#BMW VIP Transport

When a list item in the source list is deleted, all the dependent list items' lookup field values goes blank, a

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Array index lookup versus Instance field lookup
Category : Programming Languages

Is someArray[index] a faster way to get to a value than someObject.field?


if(intArray[i] == 42) {//do stuff}


if(someObject.x == 42) {//do stuff}

I will try to test it soon and post the results; just wondering if you all had any thoughts.

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Entity Framework - Using a lookup (picklist) table with a lookup key
Category : Databases

I'm working on a WPF application that is working well using the Entity Framework (3.5 SP1) for complicated table structures. The problem now is I want to get a list from the EF that includes lookups into a picklist table that has multiple picklists in it.

In SQL I would write a sub select as such:

SELECT Name, (Select typeName from PickLists where type_id = items.type_

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Row yielded no match during lookup SSIS LookUp Issue
Category : Web Design

I keep getting the error message

Error: 0xC020901E at Data Flow Task,
Lookup ProjectId [580]: Row yielded no
match during lookup. Error: 0xC0047072
at Data Flow Task, DTS.Pipeline: No
object exists with the ID 880.

It does not reoccur in the same spot rather in different places each run. Even when everything is exactly the same through 2 d

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Multiple memcache lookup Vs one lookup (with big output)
Category : Programming Languages

I am working on an application using memcache pool (5 servers) and some processing nodes. I have two different possible approaches and I was wondering if you guys have any comments on comparison based on performance (speed primarily) between the two

I extract a big chunk of data from memcache once per request, itereate over it and discard the bits I dont need for the particular requ

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Remote lookup of slsb failing from jar file, although very similar lookup from a jar file being called from same place works
Category : Programming Languages

I have a a number of jar files that perform rmi. These are all working except one, the problematic one attempts to look up a remote slsb in a different project.

So the code is the same here:

machineNameOrAddress = args[0];
jndiPortNumber = args[1];
action = args[2];
Properties properties = new Properties();

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