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If I Lost the Savings Bond Does It Gain Interest During the Time It Was Lost?
by Rob in Personal Finance
U.S. savings bonds are individually registered savings certificates issued by the Department of the Treasury. Since each savings bond has a registered owner, the treasury will issue a replacement bond if a bond is lost. It is a good idea for a savings bond investor to keep a separate list of bond serial number to make replacement easier. Savings Bond InterestSavings bonds can be one of two type

catching lost connection or lost authentication event using jQuery
by RomanMtz in Programming Languages

I read a couple of articles here that inspired my solution but wondering if i'm doing it the right way.

What I did was to create an event that catches an jQuery ajax error:

$('body').ajaxError(function(xmlHttpRequest, ajaxOptions, error) {
if (!locked) CheckUserAuthentication();

Then the CheckUserAuthentication() goes through

How to reconnect to a lost connection when it is lost using Linq to SQl automagically
by mdiezb in Programming Languages

i don't want to encapsulate every call in a try catch block

is there an event i can subscribe to, for when a connection is lost or timesout so that i can reconnect..

or some way to not check every linq query.

and if not why not!

Edit: Does Linq to Entity's have this?

Edit: I'm using Microsoft SQL Azure, and it drops connections alot.<

Is there any way to recover lost FBML tag data (lost)
by Sweden in Development Tools & Services

I was not aware that facebook was deleting FBML tabs for fan pages. I lost a huge amount of information (ie , my bands event calendar and other useful stuff). Is there any way to recover that info? thank you

Lost Revenue vs. Lost Profits
by bikefixxer in Business
Lost profits and lost revenue both hurt a company's results. However, one of these losses is more damaging than the other because of where it is found on the income statement. Still, profits are profits and revenue is revenue, and both are accounting items. Cash is the ultimate measure of value, not accounting income. Lost RevenueRevenue is money generated by a company either through the sale o

C# delegated method lost class fields / event lost class fields
by sep in Programming Languages

Please help.

I have several instances of Action1 class. Each of them should to navigate to different pages just after completed animation.

Doesn't matter witch object is "Invoked", it always navigate to the same page.

As long as I navigate in "Invoke" method then navigation works properly.

It's looks like "PageAnimation_Completed" is called all

How to Get a Lost W2
by dmxlite in Personal Finance
A W-2 form is a form that is distributed by employers to their employees each year. It is a statement that details the wages paid for the calendar year, including the taxes that were taken out. You need this form to file your taxes each year. If you have lost your W-2 for any of the past 10 years, you can contact the IRS directly to request a copy to allow you to file your taxes accurately.Difficu
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What Does It Mean to Be Lost to God?
by rainy in Culture & Society
What does it mean to be lost to God? If you don't know what it means to be lost, some things will never be found. The Bible states, in Luke 19:10, that Jesus came into the world to seek and to save "that" which was lost. That is a loaded Scripture that is not only referring to one thing that was lost. It refers to several things that were lost. However, all of those things are divinely connected t
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How to Get Over a Guy You Lost
by TwiceOver in Relationships & Family
Getting over a breakup can be a challenge, especially if ending the relationship wasn't your idea. Immediately after a breakup, it may seem impossible to enjoy life without your ex-boyfriend or husband or even go through your day without thinking about him. This stage of grief and heartbreak is normal. With time, however, the pain will fade and you'll move on. Making positive choices, such as talk
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How to Get Your GED If You Lost It
by KaoFloppy in Education
Getting a General Equivalency Diploma is an important step in the lives of many people. Proof of your GED may be required for jobs and higher education. If you've obtained your GED but lost the certificate, getting a replacement is usually simple, but regulations vary from state to state and most states provide the information you need to obtain a duplicate certificate on their Department of Educa
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