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How to Teach Kids to Love God and Love Others Using Matthew 22:37 Sunday School Lesson for Children
by adapar in Culture & Society
Matthew 22:37 to 40 tells us to love God and love others. It is important to teach this principle to children. Learning to obey this one verse will help kids avoid many of the pitfalls that come as they go through their teen years. It can make them a better person, give them the confidence to do what is right and help make the world a better place.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things Y

Does love.keyreleased(key) function the same as love.keyboard.isDown?
by Vrki in Web Design

Does the love.keyreleased(key) function the same as love.keyboard.isDown?

For example, can I declare:

function love.update()
if love.keyreleased("left") then
hero = heroLeft

How to Do Quick Love Spells and Love Spell Castings
by Valentine in Arts & Entertainment
Most people don't know that people in love sometimes do quick love spells and love spell castings without even knowing it. Unconsciously we do little things we meet someone we really like, wear a special dress, put on lucky earrings, that special scent. But what happens when the love you want-hasn't arrived yet? Or the man you truly loved is gone?
What are some of those quick love spells and

How to Write a Love Letter to an Unrequited Love
by jwright30 in Relationships & Family
Most people eventually experience the pain of unrequited love, which is any love that is not reciprocated by the object of your affection. Studies show that the pain of rejection can show up physically by activating the same part of the brain that expresses physical discomfort. If you've gone through heartache, this news is probably not a surprise. Perhaps your unrequited love doesn't even know ho

What Are the Differences Between Romantic Love & True Love?
by bicho44 in Relationships & Family
Romantic love and true love, sometimes called passionate love and companionate love, respectively, are often compared by psychologists, doctors and those who are looking to get a better understanding of their own personal lives. It is important to remember that romantic love and true love are not the same, but instead have striking differences. DurationRomantic love is often fleeting. The passi

How to Fall in Love and Stay in Love
by Wonderbread in Relationships & Family
Falling in love is one of the most rewarding experiences that you get to enjoy in life. Knowing how to fall in love, and stay in love is not something that most people really understand. Falling love is only possible when you find the person that is willing to accept you regardless of your flaws. Staying in love is really meaning it. If you follow the guide below, you will be in a better positio
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Craft on Love God & Love Others
by Stephen Judge in Hobbies, Games & Toys
In Matthew 22:35-40, Jesus states that all of God’s law is summarized in two commandments. The first commandment from Deuteronomy 6:5 says to love God with all your heart, soul and mind. The second commandment comes from Leviticus 19:18 and requires you to love your neighbor as yourself. Crafts focused on these two laws remind believers to practice their faith. Greatest Commandments Shirt

How to Find What You Love When You Don't Know What You Love
by andystacy in Careers & Job Searching
Loving what you do will benefit you both personally and professionally. You will be filled with a sense of fulfillment and purpose when you spend your time doing work you care about. Job dissatisfaction creates burn out, frustration, anxiety, depression and an inability to enjoy time off because you dread the coming workday. But while you are unlikely to perform well when your work bores or frustr

How to Love a Man or Love a Girl the Right Way
by Victorian Gray in Relationships & Family
If you are in love with a person, and you truly believe that you, then this article is for you. This is especially helpful for those who're going through problems in their relationship. Even though you feel that you love this person, you might not be showing it the proper ways. They want a lot from you emotionally, so you must be careful how you treat them. How you act around your girl, or guy, wi
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How to Let Your Dog Know You Love Them
by India in Pets
Dogs thrive on affection. Experts seem to be split on whether dogs can actually love in a sophisticated way. But whether you call it love or survival instincts, dogs are loyal and accepting--and you hold the treats and attention. In addition to setting up a regimen of exercise and interaction, there is more you can do to bring a sense of love and wonder into your dog's life.Difficulty:Moderately E
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