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Lubuntu and remote desktop
Category : Network & Servers

I have a SSH address that I connect through command line, but I would like to have a GUI option to make my work easier. So is it possible to connect through ssh using remote desktop on Lubuntu 11.10? Thanks

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Lubuntu kernel dev - sched_setaffinity is not defined
Category : Operating Systems

I'm trying to write a kernel module which uses sched_setaffinity(). It's declared in linux/sched.h but implemented in core.c (afaik), now the problem is it seems my system does not have core.c anywhere so the linking fails (sched_setaffinity undefined). I've been trying to google around but made no progress.. I have the linu

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Gcc error when installing psycopg2 into a virtualenv (Lubuntu 12.04, python 2.7)
Category : Databases

I'm trying to install psycopg2 into a virtualenv using pip but there seems to be some kind of gcc error that I can't get my head around. I've installed python-dev and libpq-dev as suggested by some other questions.

pip install psycopg2
Downloading/unpacking psycopg2
Running setup.py egg_info for package psycopg2
no previously-included directories found matchi

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