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C/C++ Macro: How to generate two separate sections of code with one macro (boost preprocessor library?)
by Pierre LeBoo in Programming Languages

I'm looking for a method or a way to generate a list of typedefs and a list of object instantiations from a list of macro-invocations, defining the class types and the constructor parameters of these objects.

It should look like the (not working) code below. The problem to solve is a way to generate to different lists out of one list of macro invocations. I guess this is a problem t

Adding a previously defined macro to the macro ring in Emacs
by Gus in Web Design

I've been using kmacro commands such as kmacro-name-last-macro to save keyboard macros. The problem is that after I have saved a macro and even added it to my .emacs file, I come across an error and want to edit the macro using kmacro-step-edit-macro. If my named macro is no longer in the macro ring (the default kmacro-ring-max is 8) I can't use any of the

How to set the macro results into the excel column? Am new to Macro's and very basic. Please explain it
by mg. in Programming Languages

'Need to set the value of employee(0), employee(1)......,employee(25) in the A column of excel "Sheet1".

Sub testingarray()
For n = 0 To n = 25
employee(n) = Chr(n + 65)
Next n
For n = 0 To n = 25
MsgBox employee(n)
Next n
End Sub
'Tried to use this:** Please say if am wrong
Public Sub putvalue()
Range("A1").Value = employee(0)
Can I make a clojure macro that will allow me to get a list of all functions created by the macro?
by sub-80 in Programming Languages

I would like to have a macro which I'll call def-foo. Def-foo will create a function, and then will add this function to a set.

So I could call

(def-foo bar ...)
(def-foo baz ...)

And then there would be some set, e.g. all-foos, which I could call:

=> #{bar, baz}

Essentially, I'm just try

Creating C macro with ## and __LINE__ (token concatenation with positioning macro)
by ponchopilate in Programming Languages

I want to create a C macro that creates a function with a name based
on the line number.
I thought I could do something like (the real function would have statements within the braces):

#define UNIQUE static void Unique_##__LINE__(void) {}

Which I hoped would expand to something like:

static void Unique_23(void) {}


OnBuildBegin does not fire in Visual Studio Macro until I run it from Macro Explorer
by taekeun in Programming Languages

I have the following Visual Studio Macro:

Imports System
Imports EnvDTE
Imports EnvDTE80
Imports EnvDTE90
Imports MyMacros.EnvironmentEvents
Imports System.Diagnostics
Public Module Module1
Private WithEvents buildEvents As EnvDTE.BuildEvents = EnvironmentEvents.BuildEvents
Public Sub BuildEvents_OnBuildBegin() Handles buildEvents.O

How do I write a macro-defining macro in common lisp
by Isaac in Programming Languages

I have about two macros (and climbing) in my codebase that look like this:

(defmacro def-stat-method (method-name stat)
(defmethod ,method-name ((monster monster))
(getf (stats monster) ,stat))
(defmethod (setf ,method-name) (value (monster monster))
(setf (getf (stats monster) ,stat) value))))

and th

Create an Excel Macro and Macro-button programmatically from C#
by zz64 in C & C++ & C#

I'm 2-weeks young C# programmer in the middle of simple method, that saves my DataGridView into an excel document (1 sheet only) and also adds a macro with asigned macro-button, which looks like this :

public void SaveFile(string filePath)
Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.ApplicationClass ExcelApp = new Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.ApplicationClass();

function that creates macro with macro name supplied as a parameter
by cthulhup in Development Tools & Services

I am trying to define a function that will create a macro and am running into problems when I try to dynamically supply the macro's name. Here's narrowed-down code that exemplifies the issue I am facing:

(defn create-times-macro [n]
(defmacro thatManyTimes [a]
`(* ~n ~a)))
(create-times-macro 2)
(thatManyTimes 3) ;; evals to 6

So far

How to Take Macro Pictures With a Kodak EasyShare P850 Macro
by kema in Electronics
Released in 2005, the Kodak EasyShare P850 is part of Kodak's class of "advanced digital cameras," according to the website Digital Photography Review. The camera is compact point and shoot model that is built around a 12x optical zoom Schneider Kreuznach lens. The lens will focus as close as 3.9 inches, which makes it an ideal lens to use for macro or close-up photography for flowers or other si

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