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Php: are magic functions like magic constants: case insensitive?
by DefDC in Programming Languages

On the official manual, you can read that magic constants are case-insensitive:


I've tested on __tostring() and __toString() and it's the same = case-insensitive.

There's no documentation about it.

Do you know if all magic functions are like magic constants = case

Magic Number: Checks for magic numbers
by PenguinPower in Programming Languages

I got this warning on Sonar as a violation. I want proper solution to remove this warning from sonar.

My code is like this:

void method(){
try {
int x;
//handling code

I got warning for this code like:

'5' is a magic number.

So, I want proper s

How to Do the Magic Trick Called the Magic Stick
by adapar in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Magic Stick is a close-up illusion that uses a stick with six colored bars on it. The trick makes it appear as if the stick transforms into a solid color. The magician turns the colored stick over to show the six colors on both sides. An audience member picks a number between one and six, and the magician uses that number to count up to the color, which is the "magic color." The magician rubs

Is there a way to detect, through browser javascript, multi-touch events of a trackpad, magic mouse or magic trackpad on a mac?
by fedorafennec in Javascript

I know there are many ways to do so directly on the iPhone (jQtouch), but I'd like to detect those events in my computer's browser.

How to Use Magic Words in a Magic Show
by Andrew L. in Arts & Entertainment
Use magic words in your magic show to improve and add to your show. Magic words are words that are used throughout a magic routine to help increase the validity of your magic and to often distract audience so you can more adequately perform your tricks.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Use words like Abracadabra, Presto and Hocus Pocus throughout your magic show to make the magic happen. U

What Else Do I Have to Plant on "Moshi Monsters" if Something Likes Red Magic and Black Magic?
by Samuel K in Internet
The developers of the online virtual pet game "Moshi Monsters" periodically introduce new monsters -- called "moshlings" -- that arrive in a garden outside your monster house. Moshlings are divided by type into sets of four, and each is attracted by a particular combination of plants that grow in your garden. As of October, 2011, only one moshling, Sooki-Yaki, is attracted by b

Leg Magic Vs. Leg Magic Professional
by Steve Downing in Sports & Fitness
Leg Magic products are an infomercial-introduced product line of home-fitness equipment. The Leg Magic is the original model and the Leg Magic Professional is a higher-end model with more accessories. The Leg Magic series is a gliding exercise system that targets trouble areas of the inner and outer thighs, as well as the buttocks and tummy. These are the areas most women are begging to tone and t

How Do I Get the Magic Music Score to Learn Magic Music in "Mabinogi"?
by Matt Watson in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Players can cast magic spells with music in the massively multiplayer online game "Mabinogi." To do so, they need an instrument and a magic music score, which can be purchased at a certain location in the game. Once you buy a magic music score, you can play the magic music as many times as the score indicates. For example, if the music score has a charge of 20 uses, you can play the music 20 times

How to Fix Might & Magic 7 on XP
by IndyColtsFan in Hobbies, Games & Toys
3DO's "Might & Magic 7," a role-playing game released in 1999, does not always run well on Windows XP. Originally, the software was designed to run on an earlier version of Windows. Not every player has problems on XP. If you experience problems, then run the game in Compatibility Mode.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Right-click on the "Might & Magic 7" program icon, then select "Properties."
TAGS : Might Magic

How to Get Magic on VMK
by vasil in Hobbies, Games & Toys
VMK is an abbreviation for the online game "Virtual Magic Kingdom," which was produced by Disney. In this game players could finish a variety of quests, wander the virtual areas and even acquire magic through gaining pins that could be equipped. To gain the full variety of powers though, you have to achieve the right pins. But, some of them are easier than others to get.Difficulty:ModerateInstruct
TAGS : Magic


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