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How to set from mail address other than smtp authentication mail in java mail
Category : Java

I am specifying "FROM" address usinf setFrom() method, But i still receive mails having "FROM" address of SMTP authentication mail id. and want to set the "FROM" address dynamically. which keeps changing. What is the RFC282 standard to achieve this.

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How to create a mail on Mail.app (Mac) with an image resource in the middle of the mail
Category : Programming Languages

I'd like to create a mail (on a Mac with Mac OS X 10.5 and up) that has some text, then an image, then some more text, maybe another image, and maybe some more text...

I understand that with the Scripting Bridge, I can add attachments to eMails, but they're always at the end of the Mail.

Any idea how to get started here? Maybe use an HTML mail? If so, are there tutorials

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Better way to send bulk mail using PHP without PEAR Mail and 'mail' function
Category : PHP

What script, class or function you use to send many emails, excluding the in-built 'mail' function and excluding the PEAR Mail (many problems and compatibility issues in PHP 5.3).

I want to send about 5000 emails per 'shot', but 'mail' function connect and disconnect for each email. PEAR Mail have many problems.

I've tried Swiftmailer, but the HTML appears duplicated in

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ANDROID: SEND MAIL with PreConfigured mail:From Address without using mail provider(Like GMAIL,YAHOO pre-installed in ANDROID DEVICE)
Category : Android

I am trying to use RECOVER PASSWORD button which requires MAIL SENDING to correspondent USERNAME. I would like to know the way if somehow I can send MAIL (In Background) without using GMAIL, YAHOO(Pre Installed EMAIL Provider Service) with my own address like abc@abc.com to every user of my application.

Any Help is mos

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In IOS mail app, How to Display mail attachments after mail body?
Category : Coding

I am developing a Mail app in iOS.

When displaying an email's details / contents I cannot figure out how to display mail body and attachments together.

I searched for some mail apps in iPhone, like original Mail app and Sparrow which do this in almost the same way. The detail mail view is a UITableview, the sender and receiver is one UItableviewcell, the subject is on

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Get reply mail to my server for a mail sent through php mail function
Category : PHP

I am developing a system to send mail to all of our clients. If they reply to that mail, I want to retrieve the reply mails to my server. There is a way to connect through the IMAP/POP3 server, But it is taking a long time to load the mails. Is there any way to get the reply mails directly to my server. or ay other alternate way to get the mails fastly through IMAP

Please Help me i

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Need to send mail to Extrnal mail ids without having the Internal mail id
Category : Programming Languages

I am facing very confusing problem.

In my website all user have there own mail box which can be seen by them when they log in.

I have not assigned then any ids like 123@gmail.com or anything else.

They can send mails to each-other through their names only.

When they send a mail to diffrent user, it is saved as a data row in the database with the h

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How to Forward Mail From Yahoo Mail Without Upgrading to Mail Plus
Category : Internet
If you prefer to read your incoming Yahoo! email messages using a different email account, such as the email box provided by your Internet service provider or your employer, you will need to forward your Yahoo! emails. When you want to automatically forward all incoming Yahoo! email, you need to upgrade to Mail Plus. If you stick to using the regular free Yahoo! Mail, you'll need to manually forwa

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Reading email using ruby-mail is not retruning the mail body in text format
Category : Programming Languages

Im using ruby-mail to read a email.

Everything im getting in proper readable format, except mail body.

Mail body appears as some other encoding format.

My code is :

Mail.defaults do
retriever_method :pop3, :address => "some.email.com",
:port => 995,
:user_name => 'domain/username',

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javax.mail.MessagingException: Connection reset while trying to access gmail using java mail API
Category : Java

I was trying to read through the mails in my gmail account using java mail API. This is the code:

import java.util.*;
import java.io.*;
import java.awt.*;
import javax.mail.*;
import javax.mail.search.FlagTerm;
import javax.mail.Flags.Flag;
public class MailPharser {
* @param args
public void mailRead()

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