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Release management in Mercurial - [major].[minor].[bugfix] versioning with supporting older major versions
by keithosu in Web Design

I have been exploring different answers about release management in Mercurial and almost found the right way of doing it. However, I just need a bit of help to get it right so that everything clicks nicely in my head.

Here is what our company needs:
1) Will be using versioning scheme {major.minor.patch} for development
2) Named branches and tags will be used for managin

Iterate Through Row Major-Stored Array in Column Major Order
by Summerfun in Programming Languages

I am working on a multi-dimensional array class (leaving out the complex/irrelevant details). I am storing the data as a linear array stored in row major order. I need to create an iterator that can iterate over the array in column-major order. Given that the data is stored in row major order, the row major iterator can simply increment the index into the array. However, I'm not sure how to go

Row major versus Column major layout of matrices
by OlioEngr in Network & Servers

In programming dense matrix computations, is there any reason to choose a row-major layout of the over the column-major layout?

I know that depending on the layout of the matrix chosen, we need to write the appropriate code to use the cache memories effectively for speed purposes.

The row-major layout seems more natural and simpler (at least to me). But major libraries l

What College Major to Major in to Become a Football Coach?
by Alex Sadzawka in Personal Finance
Students who aspire to be a football coach can choose from many majors that will prepare them for a career on the gridiron. Although schools do not offer "coaching" degrees, aspiring coaches can enroll in a number of programs that will expose them to the principles they need to succeed as a football coach. Since there is no required major for football coaches, students have the freedom to choose a

Row major vs Column Major Matrix Multiplication
by andystacy in Programming Languages

I am currently working on a C program trying to compute Matrix Multiplication.. I have approached this task by looping through each column of the second matrix as seen below.

I have set size to 1000.

Java: In terms of localizing data for caches, are java multi-dimensional arrays Col-Major or Row-Major?
by apaunchev in Java

I found this topic, Similar Stack Overflow Thread

In c++, when you make an array int[i][j] you get row major order, so iterating by row will give you caches which contain more useful data.

In java, there is no 2d array, but it still creates something similar enough in terms of caches. My question is, does it create the arrays of actual data in the size of row, or does i

Finance Major Vs. Accounting Major
by kivava in Business
Finance majors study topics related to money and capital, what businesses do to invest money and how they raise or earn money; a big part of this has to do with learning about and understanding the financial markets. Accounting majors learn methods of reporting and summarizing financial data that tell the story of what a business or a person does with the money they have -- where it comes from and

GLM - Matrix from orientation is creating row major and not column major matrix?
by python in Programming Languages

After figuring out the answer to my previous question I have found the cause to be some kind of mathematical oddity.

Using the GLM (OpenGL) library I create an orientation as follows

glm::gtx::quaternion::orientation =
glm::gtx::quaternion::angleAxis(pitchAccum, 1.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f) *
glm::gtx::quaternion::angleAxis(yawAccum, 0.0f, 1.0f, 0.0f);

What Is the Difference Between Major Medical and Non-Major Medical Insurance?
by tong in Health
There are substantial differences between major medical and non-major or basic medical insurance. The consumer must be sure to know the benefits offered by each in order to make an educated decision on which type of insurance to purchase. SimilaritiesBoth major and non-major plans cover hospitalization expenses.
DifferencesNon-major or basic medical insurance is usually a first-dollar type o

Is there any way to change the product version from major.minor.build to major.build.minor?
by kiirpi in Web Design

My product has version number major.minor.build (say 5.0.196). Now we are developing patches and that is to be added as a revision number as major.minor.build.revision(eg: "123 is revision number"). As it is the property of msi that it wont consider the fourth field of product version, we are unable to use detect and upgrade the patches.
There is proposal as to change the produ

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