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One Man Driven Project Management, Customer Management, Help Desk, and Issue Tracker (bugs)
by LittleCodeShop in Web Design

I am a single person with a pretty large client base. I am currently doing everything via email and basically losing my mind.

I am curious if anyone out there who freelances AND maintains their client's sites/projects uses any sort of combo of tools or a single tool... Paid or free... to aid in keeping more hairs on their head and organizing their workflow?

Here is what

Human Resource Management's Functional Responsibilities in Employee Performance Management
by Bas in Business
Performance management is a workplace program that helps employees understand their job duties and their employer's expectations. A performance management system also provides structure to your company's compensation and benefits practices. Human resources management plays two important roles in performance management--strategic planning and functional support. Strategic planning means developing

How to track time with management of items for conference management in java?
by raghu78 in Java

I had written a program for extracting information from a file and i need to track up time in this problem and set up a conference schedule for the same


package org.example;
import java.io.*;
import java.util.*;
public class Test {
public static void main(String[] args) {
// Open the file that is the f

How to Solve Conflict Management in Terms of Classroom Behavior Management
by bigrod in Education
Most teachers come up against conflict management at some point in their careers. It may not be what attracted them into the field of education, but it does tend to come with the job. According to CREducation, between 35 and 60 percent of a teacher's time may be taken up with intervening in disputes and managing challenging behavior. This is why it is crucial for someone entering the teaching prof

Management Information System Usage in Supply Chain Management
by seventy6 in Business
A management information system is critical to a supply chain management system. It automates simple and complex tasks and provides management with reports concerning logistical accounts services by an organization or supply chain process. Supply chain management practices are used in various logistical functions such as, transportation, distribution services, warehouse management (retail and whol

Difference Between Supply Chain Management & Logistics Management
by Guid in Business
Many business owners are not clear what the difference is between supply chain management and logistics management. The supply chain model arises through re-engineering trends that view the business as a whole cycle composed of processes instead of functions. The logistics model is a part of the supply chain model. However, it can also act independently (depending on the business model). Logis

How software configuration management help in improving project management?
by tobybot in Programming Languages

Which best practice involved in software configuration management to help in improving project management?

Conflict Management in Terms of Classroom Behavior Management
by Yst in Education
Classroom management and conflict resolutions closely connect in the classroom setting. If teachers manage their classes effectively, the occurrence of conflict lessens dramatically. There are many basic strategies relating to general classroom management that will allow teachers to prevent volatile situations before they happen or to resolve them quickly if they do. No Free TimeOne of the most

How to Integrate Crisis Management & Risk Management
by svn in Education
Crisis management and risk management are closely related, although at first it might not be apparent how they can be integrated. However, usually the risks that you are trying to eliminate with risk management are what will lead to the crises that you need to manage as well. Therefore, the more risks and crises you can integrate, the less likely you are to have to deal with any of them.Difficulty

Strategic Management & Project Management Differences
by chorn in Business
A business would not succeed without both strategic management and project management. Both types of management tools will help a company to succeed in its industry and create healthy profit margins. Businesses can use strategic management to determine mission, vision, values, goals, objectives, roles and responsibilities and timelines, according to the Pakistan Institute of Management. Project ma


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