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Django: Easily add extra manager for child class, still use default manager from AbstractBase
by cubeless in Programming Languages

this question is about the last example on Custom managers and model inheritance.

I want to be able to do something similar to the following:

class ExtraManagerModel(models.Model):
# OtherManager class supplied by argument shall be set as manager here
class Meta:
abstract = True
class ChildC(AbstractBase, ExtraManagerModel(OtherManager)

Android SDK Manager and AVD Manager doesn't have the correct information and fails to update on Ubuntu
by Jason Haar in Programming Languages

I'm trying to install Android SDK on Ubuntu but fail when I try to use the SDK Manager and AVD Manager to install Android platforms.

I've downloaded: android-sdk_r04-linux_86.tgz

The I start the SDK Manager and AVD Manager (UI) according to the README file:


And I get the following


Feed Reader , Multiple Mail-box Manager and A Book-mark manager .. All-In-One
by John Tate in Web Design

I'm looking for a software that runs under Linux which supports Feed Reading , multiple mail-box management and bookmark management all integrated in one Software ..

I don't know how the integration should look like or what features are there .. All i care about is a single software that allows me to Read My feeds ( Like i already do with Akregator ) , manage my mailbox accounts ( L

Differences between Visual Studio 2010 add-in manager and extension manager
by TCH in Programming Languages

The difference between Add-In and Integration Package is still unclear and now with Visual Studio 2010 an extension manager appears along with the add-in manager.

What are the differences between the add-in manager and the extension manager?
Can an add-in be in both manager at the same time?

Difference Between Hedge Fund Manager and Portfolio Manager
by William Burke in Business
Both hedge fund managers and portfolio managers are high-level investment professionals that manage large sums of money. Hedge fund managers are more likely to use aggressive strategies such as short selling and leverage. Portfolio managers, on the other hand, manage standard mutual funds where many of these aggressive strategies have strict regulations. Many similarities and differences exist bet

The Difference Between a Human Resource Manager & a Personnel Manager
by cbrunny in Business
Choosing between working as a human resource manager or personnel manager can be a difficult decision. The positions can seem to be interchangeable, and the differences between the two are sometimes vague. Even though many of their duties overlap, each position performs a function; but most companies employ only one. If you want to specialize, though, you should understand the duties required of e

Difference Between a QA Test Manager & a Quality Management Manager
by redha in Business
Quality assurance (QA) test managers and quality management managers both play important roles in ensuring a company's product or service meets the quality level customers expect. Without quality control, a company's reputation can quickly fall due to faulty products or services that do not work properly. The differences between a QA manager and quality management manager are subtle but important.

AVD Manager won't open, although SDK Manager opens and works
by dmossakowski in Programming Languages

I am having a problem similar to this question:

AVD Manager don't start

but I do not understand the answer and how it worked. I cannot find AVD anything, anywhere.

My AVD Manager had been working fine and well and then suddenly it stopped.
I am not 100% sure if it was working well before I added on the Kindle Fire emulator because I had already ha

Difference Between Construction Manager & Project Manager
by malbojah in Business
A construction manager supervises the work of personnel on a construction site and ensures that safety measures are adequate. A project manager helps a company improve operating processes or information systems. Construction ManagerA construction manager oversees activities involving the construction and maintenance of structures, facilities and systems. The manager also supervises the work of

How to display the manager id,name subordinate id & name after manager record
by eroi in Databases

How do I show manager id,manager name and subordinate detail under each manager record.

----- ------ --------- ---- --------- ---- ---- ------
7839 KING PRESIDENT - 17-NOV-81 5000 - 10
7698 BLAKE MANAGER 7839 01-MAY-81 2850 - 30

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