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Manipulating a CSV with SQL
by DeadFred in Programming Languages

This line of VBA code downloads a CSV file from the web and dumps the data into a spreadsheet. Can someone please help me figure out how to tweak the SQL in this code in order to select the "Close" column in the CSV table and insert that column into the spreadsheet? Thank you!

Sub test()
Dim sqldata As QueryTable
Set sqldata = ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add( _

Manipulating XML with PHP
by J.W. Mosley in PHP

I have an XML file that looks like this


I want to be able to add a book and be able to change the price.

Does anybody have any incite on h

Manipulating URL bar with BHO
by Mike in Programming Languages

I want to block some URLs using BHO. To check what URL the browser is going to, I'm using BeforeNavigate2 event. Then, inside this event, if the URL is prohibited, I do a Navigate2 event for my URL. But I wanted to manipulate what URL will appear in the bar. I don't wanted to show the URL that Navigate2 goes to. How could I do that using BHO?

Manipulating SVG files with C#
by Murali Ravipudi in C & C++ & C#

I need to be able to edit the text and images of an SVG file that has been rendered in Adobe Illustrator.

How can I iterate through the elements of an SVG file, check for type = text, change the value, and save the file to disk? Is there any library available that could help me?

So far I've tried this basic library but it doesn't do well with complex SVG structures.

manipulating strings :
by Andrew Mattie in Programming Languages

I am trying to remove some special characters from a string.
I have got the following string

[_fesd][009] Statement

and I want to get rid of all '_' '[' and ']'
I managed to remove the first characters with TrimStart and I get fesd][009] Statement

How should I remove the special characters from the middle of my string?

manipulating ShellItemArray
by soonk in Development Tools & Services

How can I remove items from a given ShellItemArray? or alternatively, create a new ShellItemArray from specific shell items of the current array?
Non of the SHCreateShellItemArray*** functions help me in that (there is one function named SHCreateShellItemArrayFromShellItem, but it creates an array from single shell item, not a few)

Manipulating SQL Server using C#
by JustinDSN in C & C++ & C#

How I can programmable create databases, import database images, get information about existing databases via C#. I am working with SQL Server 2005.

Can you refare me to some tutorial or give me some examples.

Thanks for help.

manipulating strings in C
by Bas in Web Design

I am trying to write a method that removes the first letter of a string and appends it to the end of the string with "ay" appended afterwards. I am using a linked list structure, and it works, but something is not 100% and I can't figure out why. It does what is't supposed to sometimes, but it seems to randomly add on parts of previous words. for example, the input "what the hell is wrong" shou

Manipulating the DOM tree
by knockout-2.0 in Web Design

If I load a page in an iframe, run doc.querySelect to retrieve a node N, append N to doc.body by doc.body.appendChild(N), and then remove all children from doc.body until it reaches N, would N be guaranteed to be rendered the same way as pristine in Firefox or IE? So far in the example that I have tried, it's alright, but I was wondering if it'd fail in other settings.


Manipulating maps
by Vietnam in Programming Languages

Given a set of floorplans (in Autocad, svg, or whatever format need be...), I would like to programatically generate directions from point A to point B. Basically I would like to say: "How do I get from room 101 to room 143?" (or for triple bonus points, from room 101 to room 323). Anyone have any ideas how to go about this? I am pretty language agnostic at this point, although I know C(++)


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