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Difference between GStreamer 0.10 Library Reference Manual and GStreamer 0.10 Core Reference Manual
by Alex Sadzawka in Programming Languages

I am just going through the gstreamer documentation.I couldnt understand the difference between the GStreamer 0.10 Library Reference Manual and GStreamer 0.10 Core Reference Manual.Most of the fuinction calls like gst_X_funtion_name can be interpreted from the GStreamer 0.10 Core Reference Manual by checking the Gst_X documentation.But why GStreamer 0.10 Library Reference Manual is used and wh

Difference Between a 6 Speed Manual Transmission & a 5 Speed Manual Transmission
by TheStu in Cars
The most obvious difference between a 5-speed and a 6-speed manual transmission is the number of speeds: A 5-speed has five different gears and a 6-speed has six. Common 5-speedsUntil very recently, most consumer automobiles mass-produced with manual transmissions tended to be 5-speeds. Only higher-end cars with more powerful engines and finer-crafter components tended to have 6-speeds.

How to Hop to a Manual BMX
by M0dusFRee in Sports & Fitness
Performing tricks on a BMX bike can be a thing of beauty. Like any other extreme sport, hours upon hours of practice can make even the hardest tricks and flips seem like second-nature to the athlete. Mastering "the manual" is no different. With such a simple name, this BMX trick is quite tricky to pull off, but gets easier with time and practice.Similar to performing a "wheelie," the manual involv
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How do I Drive an AA Manual Car?
by jch in Cars
Driving manual vehicles proves difficult for people who are used to automatic transmissions. If you are used to the gears changing for you, it seems like a lot of work to change the gear yourself every time you accelerate greatly. AA series cars are typically older, but they drive and handle in the exact same fashion as more recent cars. The first time you drive manual, or a "stick shift," practic
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How to Peel Out in a Manual Car
by Mark W in Cars
Whether you're showing off, drawing attention or trying to be intimidating, peeling out in a car is a statement. The sound of tire against pavement is accompanied by the smell of rubber and the grinding of tire streaks on the street. Peeling out in a manual car is not quite as easy as peeling out in an automatic car, but can be louder and meaner.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Pus
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What Is an HR Policy Manual?
by enginecrew in Business
An HR policy manual, or human resources manual, is a document written by a company that explains the various policies and procedures that arise, or could potentially arise, in the context of recruiting, hiring, retaining, promoting, paying, retiring and firing employees, as well as the procedures and guidelines for administering employee benefits. A thorough and well-prepared HR policy manual, and
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How to Start a Manual Car
by fstender in Cars
The number of manual shift cars and trucks is decreasing, but a driver may find a need to operate a manual shift vehicle. Driving a manual shift car or truck is different than driving one with an automatic transmission. Here's how to start a car that has manual transmission.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Place your left foot on the far left pedal. This is the manual transmission's clutch pedal tha
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How to Shift a Manual Car
by squarecut1 in Cars
Manual transmission cars are more confusing to drive than those with automatic transmissions. You must pay attention to what gear your shifting into, your RPMs and the road all at the same time. While you are driving, you need to know how to shift the car between gears. If you do not shift properly you can cause the car to stall, or you can seriously damage your transmission. Hone your shifting sk
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What Are the Appropriate Uses of a Manual Wheelchair?
by Geoff The in Health
Manual wheelchairs were first used during the Civil War and remained fairly standard until the 20th century, when the materials and designs began to develop. In the 1980s, the material fabrication allowed more flexible use by reducing the weight of the chairs. The advent of electric wheelchairs did not do away with the need for manual wheelchairs, which still have specific uses. Manual wheelchairs

What Is a Manual Transmission?
by David Porter in Cars
The manual, or standard, transmission is a means of shifting gears in an engine. This type of transmission was the only transmission available until the 1940s when the automatic transmission was perfected. TransmissionThe transmission works as a cutoff between the engine and the wheels. The driveshaft connects the engine and the wheels, putting the energy of the motor through to move the car f

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