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CSS margin auto center with top margin - VALID?
by Bobblegate in Web Design

Is this valid CSS to center the div and also apply a top margin?

div {
margin: 0 auto;
margin-top: 30px;

Does margin-left:2px; render faster than margin:0 0 0 2px;?
by Ed. in Web Design

Douglas Crockford describes the consequence of Javascript inquiring a node's style. How simply asking for the margin of a div causes the browser to 'reflow' the div in the browser's rendering engine four times.

So that made me wonder, during the initial rendering of a page (or in Crockford's jargon a "web scroll") is it faster to write CSS that defines only the non-zero/non-default

firefox/safari/ie top margin ,left margin 0
by RandomWords in Web Design

if i use


tag like this, will this ensure element i put in my html will displayed the same across all browser? the reason i asking this is because, i was told Internet explorer renedering of the page is slightly different .In other words, if i put img tag in a page and render it on Internet ex

Gross Margin, COGS & Operating Margin
by chaoyi in Personal Finance
Investors, analysts and businesspeople use different margin measurements to gauge how profitable a business is. Gross margin measures profitability after deducting cost of goods sold -- also known as COGS -- while operating margin measures the amount of money still with the company after all costs are paid. Finally, net margin measures the bottom line of a company. MarginsThe three margin measu

margin: auto plus margin-left: offset? (css)
by Hubb1e in Web Design

I have #container {margin: 0 auto;} on my test site Than I added the left vertical menu and on some small screens that menu is not fully visible. Like my old laptop :-)

I want to keep the margin: auto setting in place but I want to move the whole #container little bit right. Could it be done some how? #container {margin-left:10px;}

Add margin left after second div and margin should get increase double
by xes in Programming Languages

Need to Add margin left after second div and margin should get doubled.

3rd li margin left - 220
4rd li margin left - 440
and so on.

<li id="new-1">1</li>
<li id="new-2">2</li>
<li id="new-3">3</li>
<li id="new-4">4</li>

how do adjust right margin when increasing margin-left
by CakeMonster in Web Design

I am styling a div that contains the main content of my web page. The header has it's own div and correctly spans the page 100%.

I added a margin-left:125px style to the main content div and now the right edge exceeds 100% of the browser width.

How do I compensate for the this? Thanks

How to remove top margin from first <p> paragraph after <h2> and top margin from <h2> when it comes after <p>?
by Milindur in Web Design

How to top margin from first <p> paragraph after <h2>? and if any h2 comes after p then either p should not have bottom margin or h2 should not have top margin

I have


Is the Operating Margin the Same as the Gross Margin?
by jrok96 in Business
Operating margin and gross margin are two separate but important ratios derived from a company's income statement. Gross margin is calculated using the gross profit section of the income statement at the top. Operating margin is calculated by comparing the operating income amount to the revenue amount on the income statement. Gross MarginGross margin equals gross profit divided by sales, or re

Is the EBIT Margin the Same as a Profit Margin?
by golazo in Business
Both the earnings before interest and taxes margin and the profit margin are measures for company performance. Where the EBIT measures a company's earnings and is used in combination with other measures for the use of company valuation, the profit margin is simply a company's profit per good sold. Where the profit margin is a relatively simple calculation, the EBIT tends to require a little more w

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