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Amazon RDS (MySQL) -> local dev / testing server Master-Master or Master-Slave + Example?
by Norway in Databases

I'm needing to replicate data from a primary Amazon RDS MySQL database to another local server that acts as backup and a dev testing db, but I'm not sure which approach to take. I know that there are advantages and disadvantages of running Master-Master and Master-Slave, but I'm not sure of all of the pros and cons.

I was hoping that someone could enumerate these as well as to a

How to load in order of Master Master->Nested Master->Page
by bigben2wardpitt in Programming Languages

My setup require 2 level of master page because I am loading data in Master Master which is shared across my application with different Nested Masters.

So right now I need Master Master to load my data first, then load stuff in Nested Master, then load stuff in Page.

When I had just one level of master, I setup my load order as so:

Nested Master - Init

Can content page use ContentPlaceHolderID of master parent of its master page (nested master pages)
by tamizhvendan in Programming Languages

I have a 3 level nested master pages and a content page. parent1 is the top parent, parent2 is parent of parent3 and parent3 is the parent of the content page.

I get an error 'Cannot find ContentPlaceHolder xxx...' where xxx is a ContentPlaceholder. It resides in parent2 and content page is trying to fill it.

Can content pages only use their direct parent

MySQL auto-increment problem on master-master replication , and the logic to solve it
by Progdis in Databases

I had a auto-increment duplication issue for master-master replication. Then, I set:


This skips 9999 queries. Then I did:

Slave_IO_Running: Yes
Slave_SQL_Running: Yes

And it seems to be running OK.

But, of course, since I skipped 99999 sta

mysql master-slave replication setup, call procedure on master failed
by ancapdev in Databases

I have 2 linux machine. and
On I installed a mysql database server as master
On I installed a mysql database server as slave

On master server, there are 2 database named: db_production and db_temp
On slave server, there is 1 database named: db_production
I setup a master-slave relation between the 2

Cannot find ContentPlaceHolder 'TitleContent' in the master page 'X/Site.Master' happening on one server but not another
by domis in Programming Languages

I'm getting this annoying error in one environment but not another and I can't explain it. I don't have a TitleContent in the master page or in the content page.

So how can this be occurring and more importantly, how can I stop it?

enable to import submodule of “lumicall-master” like as gmetric4j-master etc
by pansapiens in Programming Languages

i am build this project . visit http://www.lumicall.org/source-code-and-build-instructions
i have downloaded this project by visit https://github.com/opentelecoms-org/lumicall
and also submodule .
i have import main module name "lumicall-master" and now i need to import other submodule.
but when i want to submodule , i did not find all submodule in the list of import .

How to update the dimensions of the “Master” UIPopoverController in the Master/Detail Template
by Andrew L. in Programming Languages

I have a project that is built using the Master/Detail template for the iPad. When it was developed using iOS 5.0, it was easy to update the popoverview by just adjusting the view controller inside the popover by doing (ex):

self.contentSizeForViewInPopover = GCRect(500.0, 500.0)

This would take the default popoverview that is displayed and make it much wid

In nested master pages child master page code behind not working properly
by rcpratt in Programming Languages

In nested master pages child master pasge code behind not working properly..

if i debug and set a stopper in child master page code behind file its not working..

Following is my code:

here is main master page html code

<%@ Master Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true"
Inherits="Admin_AdminMaster" %&

Rails MySQL master/slave send both reads and writes to master
by jrf in Databases

Most of the rails plugins I found for a rails master slave setup seem to want to send all writes to the master and all reads to the slave.

This seems like a loss of resources to me. Is there a way to send reads to both master and slave, and writes only to the slave?

If this is a bad idea, why?

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