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Flex/mate: mate doesn't cache instance, created with Object Builder
by ussballantyne in Programming Languages

If you once run an ObjectBuilder the object instantiated will be cached and next time you use an PropertyInjector or something else, the instantiated object will be used instead of creating a new object. Or at least this should be like this :)

But in the example below it seems that mate tries to instantiate the object again:

The following error occurs:

! T

Club-Mate doesn't fit Club-Mate in elasticsearch
by Keeper in Programming Languages

This is my Stack:

Rails 3.2.6
MongoID ~> 2.5
Tire 0.4.2
ElasticSearch Server

I have a couple thousand products I want to index in elastic search. This is my mapping:

mapping do
indexes :name, analyzer: 'snowball', boost: 100
indexes :description, analyzer: 'snowball'

Unfortunately the search resul

How to Become a First Mate
by seigel in Careers & Job Searching
A first mate on a boat assists the captain in operating the vessel. The responsibility of a first mate is to direct and oversee the work of a deck crew and to command the boat when the captain is unable. There are 3 levels of coursework that must be passed before becoming a first mate on a boat.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Get a Mate's license for motor vessels weighing no more
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How to Get Your Dog to Mate With Another Dog
by jbcrail in Pets
Breeding your dog, whether as an occupation or as a way to add to your pet family, can be an interesting and fulfilling process. Once you find a mate for your dog, it is important to rule out any health problems, before arranging for the mating to take place. Getting your dog to mate with another dog requires a suitable canine companion, as well as proper timing in the female dog's cycle.Difficult

What Do Men Want in a Mate?
by juma in Relationships & Family
What men want is an age-old question, and one that is past the scope of a short article. However, most men want something simple: a mate who will enhance their lives, be supportive and love them unconditionally. They're also not looking for the perfect body or lots of wealth. The modern man is looking for someone who is an intelligent, caring equal--a soul mate. CompassioniVillage writer France
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How Do I Get My Dog to Mate?
by Itchrelief in Pets
When breeding dogs, it is important to know how to get them to mate. A successful breeding can produce a litter of puppies that you will be proud of. Getting your dog to mate is the first step in producing a successful litter of puppies. Good PairingPair your dog with a dog of the opposite sex. Both dogs must be well tempered when together, and they must get along. If you want two dogs to mate
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How to Use the I-Mate Jam
by ertuzio in Electronics
HTC has designed and built an extremely versatile pocket PC telephone called the i-Mate K-Jam. This device has most of the features you would want in a pocket-sized smart phone. The connectors and ports are readily identifiable and accessible. With the Windows Mobile 5 technology, QWERTY keyboard, and 65K color display, the device is truly a pocket PC. The i-Mate was designed to be user-friendly,
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How to Mate a Clownfish
by redha in Pets
Clownfish are a brightly colored fish made famous by the animated film "Finding Nemo." Many saltwater, tropical fish will not spawn in aquariums, but clownfish are an exception. To mate your clownfish, you will need a healthy breeding pair and the patience to wait as they mate, spawn and produce larvae, which will eventually become full-grown clownfish themselves.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions
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How to Get a Mate on Warriorcats.com
by obijywk in Internet
Fans of the novel series "Warriors" can visit the official website at Warriorcats.com. At the website, fans can read about the latest books and the personified cats who make up the characters in the story. Join the Warriorcats.com forum to discuss the books with other fans and post information about your original character creations. When you look to "get a mate" on the website, you simply make an
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How to Find a Mate After 50
by Charlie98 in Relationships & Family
Dating after the age of 50 may seem quite scary and challenging, but knowing how and where to meet people can put you on the fast track to finding a suitable mate. Whether you're single, divorced or widowed, you should never give up on finding that special someone to spend time with. Dating at any age should be a fun and exciting experience, even if you're over 50. Just remember, you're never too
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