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Meaning of 'private' keyword in Alloy? Meaning of 'enum' declaration?
by lewing in Programming Languages

The Alloy 4 grammar allows signature declarations (and some other things) to carry a private keyword. It also allows Allow specifications to contain enumeration declarations of the form

enum nephews { hughie, louis, dewey }
enum ducks { donald, daisy, scrooge, nephews }

The language reference doesn't (as far as I can tell) describe the mean

What Is the Meaning of DVD-R?
by Liy in Computers
Pronounced "DVD minus R," the DVD-R format permits DVDs to store up to 4.7 billion bytes of data on a single side. According to the DVD Demystified website, such discs are compatible with most DVD players and drives. FunctionThe DVD-R format allows users to record data once, after which the content is permanently stored on the disc.
TypesThere are two kinds of DVD-R discs. The DVD-R(A) or DV
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What Is the Meaning of IV & DV?
by Idaho in Hobbies, Games & Toys
IV stands for independent variable, and DV stands for dependent variable. A variable is a factor, trait or condition that is subject to change, or variation, especially one that is allowed to change during an experiment to test a theory or hypothesis. In an experiment to investigate a possible cause-and-effect relationship, an independent variable is one that is deliberately varied by the experime
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What Is the Meaning of R.S.V.P?
by Kaveh in Culture & Society
RSVP is an abbreviation of the French term "Respondez, s'il vous plait," which translated to English means "Please respond." A response should be made to tell the party planner whether you are going to attend or not attend. According to the wedding website The Knot, if you do not respond, you will be called to verify your attendance. Sending back a reply card or calling with your response is the p
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What Is the Meaning of DSL?
by rainy in Internet
Digital Subscriber Line, or DSL, provides high-speed broadband Internet over ordinary copper telephone lines. The other phone line-based service, dial-up, is much slower, but cheaper, while cable and satellite services are faster but more pricey. Internet service providers, or ISPs, began offering DSL in the 1990s as more people became interested in the Internet for home use. FunctionISPs usual
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What Is the Meaning of PBX?
by Matthew in Electronics
A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone switch used to place phone calls within an organization. A PBX allows an organization to lease a small number of lines and share them across the company, rather than leasing each phone line individually. How Does a PBX Work?All phone lines within an organization are wired to the PBX. When someone needs to place a call, they pickup the receiver and
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What Is the Meaning of RJ-45?
by lm3 in Electronics
RJ-45, sometimes referred to as simply RJ45, is the technical name for a kind of registered jack. In fact, "RJ" stands for "registered jack" and refers to the wiring pattern used between the male and female ends of a modular connector. Originally, RJ-45 was used as a telephone jack; today, RJ-45 is also used as a computer connector, sometimes under the name RJ-45 and sometimes under the name 8P8C.
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What Is the Meaning of LPN?
by LookBehindYou in Careers & Job Searching
LPN stands for licensed practical nurse, a type of professional in the medical field. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 14 percent increase in the demand for LPNs through 2016, creating 105,000 new jobs. FunctionLPNs often provide bedside care for patients, monitoring vital signs, administering injections, dressing wounds and record how much food and fluids a patient consumes each day
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What Is the Meaning of V-Sat?
by Paratus in Internet
VSAT is an abbreviation for very small aperture terminal. It is a satellite dish that transmits digital information, including voice and audio data, banking transactions, and credit card sales over the Internet. VSAT is a communication system used in homes and businesses. Instead of exchanging data through a land line connection, which is limited in remote areas, information is transmitted through
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php {$var} meaning
by Igor Carron in Coding


What is the meaning of {$var} in PHP?


$query = "UPDATE table SET field = '{$var}'";


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