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Compilation error when using MVC 3 Membership : 'Models' does not exist in the type 'System.Web.Security.Membership'
by Matt in Programming Languages

I'm trying to follow a couple of tutorials on using the standard ASP.NET membership in MVC 3, as soon as I create an MVC 3 web application (Internet Application) in Visual Studio 2010 and I run the sample solution and click 'Log In' on the generated template I get an error:

Compiler Error Message: CS0426: The type name 'Models' does not exist in the type 'System.Web.Security.Memb

ASP.NET Membership - Retrieve Password and PasswordSalt from Membership Table - Hash UserID
by LukeG in Programming Languages

I am so close to get this project done. I need to retrieve the password and passwordSalt from my Membership table to compare it to my 'OldPasswords' table.

The problem is the Membership provider does not let me use the GetPassword method because the password is hashed.

And I can not retrieve it in a normal sqlConnection because the UserID is hashed also.


Implementing Custom Membership Provider Membership User Issues
by Jason Haar in Programming Languages

I am trying to implement a custom membership provider and want to change the GetUser method. The problem is that GetUser returns MembershipUser and I want to return MyMembershipUser which has two additional properties FirstName and LastName. I can create a new method in my membership provider which returns MyMembershipUser but then I think it won't make any sense.

How would I go abo

From builtin ASP.NET membership to custom membership password problem
by Paratus in ASP & ASP.net

We have a production site using ASP.NET built in membership. Now we wan't to extend the tables with some custom properties so we built a custom membership provider using ADO.Net entities.

Everything is working fine, we can create new users and the login controls are also working. We imported every existing user from the aspnet_Membership table into our custom table, and copied the p

Add Group Membership to Custom Membership/Roles provider
by Longchao Dong in Programming Languages

Being fairly new to the MVC Framework, I am trying to establish a custom Membership provider which can support the concept of Groups or departments.

I need to assign each user to belong to one (and only one) of several groups - each group (and its members) can only view records which belong to it - identified by the GroupId.

I need to somehow store this groupid within th

how to Use both custom membership and default membership together?
by Massachusetts in Programming Languages

I have 2 membership
-AspNetSqlMembershipProvider : use aspnetDB.mdf
-CustomMemberShipProvider : use database 'MYDB'

i have problem when i use :

if (Membership.Provider.ValidateUser(LoginUser.UserName,
LoginUser.Password)) //ValidateUser function still access this
class CustomMemberShipProvider:MembershipProvider i dont want this

Querying membership database with the membership api
by Matthias in Programming Languages

I am using membership api to fetch the user password and email.

I have got this code:

MembershipUser currentUser = Membership.GetUser();
UserPasssword.Text = currentUser.GetPassword(); //Null exception

I need to check the user at the login. The problem is that the user isnt login. So I thought to find a way to fetch the user p

How can I debug a 'Default Membership Provider could not be found' error with WCF and a Custom ASP.NET membership provider?
by greggerz in ASP & ASP.net

This is problem for me with .Net 3.5 SP1 running on IIS7.5 64 bit (I tried forcing 32 bit but got the same result).

I have a WCF service that I want to use authentication-services with. When I have no behavior the WCF service paints (replies) without any error. Other services also work with other behaviors

As soon as I add userNameAuthentication to the behaviour specifyi

Relationship Between ASPNET Membership Provider Tables and Custom Membership Tables
by Enar in Programming Languages

I went through a custom profile provider example a while ago and I am
now revisiting it.

My database has all the dbo.aspnet_* tables created when I ran the aspnet registration
wizard. In these tables I have aspnet_Profile which has a FK constraint pointing to aspnet_Users.

I also have two tables in MyDB: The first, dbo.ProfileData, has a foreign key constrain

Add ASP.NET Membership tables to my own existing database, or should I instead configure a separate ASP.NET membership database?
by jaredsmiller in ASP & ASP.net

I was reading through this post here MisfitGeek: Adding ASP.NET Membership to your OWN Database.

and thought to my self what the common practice is. What do developers using ASP.NET membership and authorization in their applications recommend as a best practice? Creating the membership tables in the same database that stores their applications data or configuring a second database

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