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How do i go about resolving this svn merge error : svn merge aborted abnormally. resolve conflicts and continue?
by wpoch in Web Design

I was trying to merge the changes in branch A into branch B. While I was running the merge I got some error like this (don't have the exact error because I closed the console without copying the error).

svn merge aborted abnormally. resolve conflicts and continue

I wanted to know how I should go about solving this. These are the ways I can think of.


Git fails to merge in a simple case but running my merge tool reveals no conflicts
by wcf in Development Tools & Services

Git fails to merge in a simple case but running my merge tool reveals no conflicts and just closing the merge tool results in the correct merge results.

I'm using git version 1.7.10.msysgit.1 and I have this strange issue with merging.

I have a file containing "123"
then Branch A and Branch B are both spawned off of the above version of the file.

On bran

Merge already sorted LinkedList in java , solved through MergeSort merge method
by Peter H in Java

I got a question saying merge already sorted 2 linkedList and get the final output as Sorted LinkedList.
So I used the merge method of Merge Sort algorithm and got the output ,
Is it actually the right way to do it or I should follow some other way.

Here is the piece of code for understanding-

private <T extends Comparable<T>> List<T> merge

Facing issue with JPA merge. Merge operation not reflecting in DB and query is executing twice
by xetrill in Programming Languages

I am new to JPA and am facing this issue for the past two days . Whenever i am trying to update my object in the database , the merge query is executing twice and the data is not updated in the Database . Can any one tell me where i have done mistake .

here is the Snippet :

Employee emp = em.find(Employee.class,empid);
if (emp != null) {

API - How to programmatically merge a list of merge candidates returned by .VersionControlServer.GetMergeCandidates?
by JEDIYoda in Network & Servers

I am creating a clone of Default Merge Window, to add a feature.

I already have a Merge candidates in a grid from command below:

MergeCandidate[] candidates = tfs.GetMergeCandidates(edtSelectedSource.Text, cbxTargetBranchs.Text);

Now, the user selected 1 or more candidates and I need to merge them.

But the TFI API VersionControl.M

I have Word mail merge report which connects programmatically to sql2000 db but will not display merge dialog
by n3. in Development Tools & Services

i have a word merge docs that connect to an sql 2000 db . Unfortunately I have a problem where the merge dialog box no longer pops up only for new users. I do not understand why. If a new user opens a report the asp code word app application object opens MS word and the document just no dialog would you like to merge the data from query " blah... " But now if I manually go to the actual file on

Merge problems in mercurial because of wrong merge base: what's happening?
by elmagistral in Programming Languages

I have a repository in which two revisions (14321 and 14319) share a parent (14318) - both changesets are direct children of 14318. Nevertheless, the revision set query ancestor(14321, 14319) does not return 14318, but instead returns a much older changeset. What's happening?

Screenshot in TortoiseHg:

Background: I encountered odd merge confl

Git: Undo published merge commit and apply another merge of the same commits
by ChrisMe in Programming Languages

One developer merged branch feature2 into feature1 and pushed the results, but resolved some merge conflicts incorrectly. I checked out commit A from feature1 and correctly merged in commit B from feature2 (A and B are the same commits the other developer merged).

I committed the

Git merge: why do I get a lot of merge conflicts after modifying the source on both linux and windows?
by Chennai in Operating Systems

I was doing some work at home over the weekend and used git to merge code changes back to my office computer (connected via a vpn) and found some very ugly merge problems.

First of all the merge should have been very clean as everything was committed at the office on Friday and I only made changes to my home computer on Saturday and Sunday. But when I pulled the changes to my office

After running merge in mercurial how do I list files that required a merge?
by Pottuvoi in Programming Languages

TortoiseHg adds a "ms" (merge status?) column after doing a merge which indicates 'R' or 'U'. What is the equivalent command line command?

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