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Copy message parts from message to message in BizTalk
by Creig in Programming Languages

The only way I could find is to write a custom .NET assembly to perform the task.
Is there a way to do it within expression in orchestration? I have an input message that has parts and I'd like to copy those to the destination (mapped) message.
Thank you.

How to return the error message to WCF service generated in Message Inspector with Schema Validation
by Florian Derudder in Programming Languages
void validateMessage(ref System.ServiceModel.Channels.Message message)
XmlDocument bodyDoc = new XmlDocument();
var body = message.GetReaderAtBodyContents();
XmlReaderSettings settings = new XmlReaderSettings();
settings.Schemas = schemas;

Message queue for IPC with fork and want to know whether the processes 'share' the message buffer or just copy and 'show' to the other
by Pottuvoi in Programming Languages

I am student and was programming with fork() in C for multi-process matrix multiplication.

but while I was doing this, I had question about
when we use IPC with MESSAGE QUEUE, then,
If I put

struct message_buffer{
long mtype;
int result[100][100];

like this,
I know this is not efficient because the space is copie

Removing “Validation failed” message from Exception return message
by onurtopcu in Programming Languages

I have an ActiveRecord model Account :

class Account < ActiveRecord::Base
attr_accessible :msisdn
validates_uniqueness_of :msisdn, :on => :create,
:message => "User Already Registered ."

And I have a controller which try to create an account :

account = Account.create!(:msisdn => user)

MS Entlib 5: How to solve error message “Processing of the message failed”
by Gerle in Development Tools & Services

I'm using Microsoft enterprise library 5.0 to save logs.
I saved Trace Event Type(Warning and Error) to file using RollingFlatFile ErrorTraceListener, found error message like

"Message: Processing of the message failed. See summary information below for more information. Should this problem persist, stop the service and check the configuration file(s) for possible error(s) in

crash after UIAlertViewDelegate's clickedButtonAtIndex with message [MPMoviePlayerViewController isKindOfClass:]: message sent to deallocated inst
by Ubermateo in Mobile Programming

I just want to dismiss UIAlertView but I can't with a strange bug for some days...

After tapping cancel button on UIAlertView, Codes below works.

- (void) alertView:(UIAlertView *)alertView clickedButtonAtIndex:(NSInteger)buttonIndex
[alertView dismissWithClickedButtonIndex:buttonIndex animated:YES];

But After passing thes

How to remove the message header informations in WebSphere MQ grouped message while receving in .Net client
by odunthorne in Web Design

I am trying to recevie logically grouped messages from an remote MQ using .Net client using native api [amqmdnet - WebSphere MQ Classes for .NET], which was put by java client using native api.

While we are getting the logically grouped messages we are seeing some header information in all the messages in that group which will be showing differently in each editors, [notepad+

How to inject a message selector to message listener bean in jms-spring integration?
by jcwagers in Programming Languages

I'm working with JMS API (with HornetQ) and i'm using spring beans for message listener container and message listener:

<bean id="messageListener" class="ir.asta.socialnet.core.messaging.handler.MessageListener">
<property name="postCommandService" ref="postCommandService" />
<bean id="messageSender"

How do I submit a message then add it to the top of a message list without page refresh in ruby on rails?
by Keoki619 in Programming Languages

I have a micropost/messaging system and each time a new micropost or comment/message is submitted the page refreshes in order to display it.

Since I've setup up ajax on my form using :remote => true I'd now like to have the micropost or added without the page refreshing.

So far I have:

class MicropostsController < ApplicationController
def create
how to hide jface.dialogs.TitleAreaDialog message cursor when the message is empty
by Jesper in Programming Languages

I use jface.dialogs.TitleAreaDialog, and in the message area, I normally set it as empty setMessage("", IMessageProvider.NONE); and message will only be assigned when there's an error occurred, like setMessage(DialogMessages.MSG_ERROR, IMessageProvider.INFORMATION);

My question is, whenever the message is set to "", the user can see the mouse cursor on the UI when they use


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