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Migrate TFS 2010 to 2012 - migrate custom controls in web access
by sub-80 in Network & Servers

We have developed custom contols for TFS 2010, which deployed to visual studio and web access.
After update TFS to 2012 custom contols missed in web access.
Custom controls written in c# and it seems that it need to be rewritten to client javascript
(instruction to create controls in javascript)

Is exist way to use server controls in TFS 2012?

Migrate YUI 2 to YUI 3
by evisseliaib in Web Design

What is the migration path for upgrading the Yahoo JS & CSS libraries from version 2 to version 3?

Specifically: CSS & fonts, button, TabView.

Any pointers to further information about issues encountered, tips to make it easier, etc would be greatly appreciated.

Different Google searches (e.g. upgrading yui2, migrating yui2) didn't turn up much on t

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Migrate from VB.net to C#
by kaktos in VB & VBnet

I have been developing applications using VB.net for the past 5 years. As I tried to learn Java earlier and found it very difficult for me I did stick on to VB.net. And for me C# is more or less similar to Java.

Now I cannot get away with it. I have to code on C#. Is there a way I can get to speed with C# fast. I would really appreciate if you can let me know your thoughts and if th

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Migrate from .NET MVC 1 to MVC 2 RC
by nasy in Programming Languages

I've migrated a MVC1 project to MVC2 RC, and now the site doesn't work at all. I get the error "Entry point was not found."

I migrated the project following this link

I'm using Castle Windsor as DI.

Here is a part of global.asax.cs

public static void RegisterRoutes(RouteCollection routes)
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migrate from jdk 14 to jdk 16
by mkmitch in Programming Languages

soon we are moving from jdk14 and start using jdk16.Ours is desktop application. What measures I need to take to make sure it works correctly on clients machine? Right now some of them using JRE4 and some JRE6.Server- Solaris.


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Migrate Vb to Vb.net
by raven84 in VB & VBnet

I having the project in Vb i want to migrate that project in the vb.net.any tool available pls inform me.i have tried a lot.i have not installed the visual basic.with the help of remote server i am running that project.

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It is okay to migrate to Asp.NET 4.0 now?
by Lex Viatkine in ASP & ASP.net

Okay today, as most of you noticed Framework 4.0 has been released. I've been working on a project which is being built on framework 3.5. Since I want to use dynamic keyword and most of the asp.net features like Tableless Menu Control, ClientIDMode and clean web.config etc. I am kinda urging to migrate the unfinished project to 4.0 but I am little hesitating about that.Some times I think it is

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How to Migrate to AIX 6.1
by Gerhard Miller in Computers
AIX is a series of Unix operating systems programmed and sold by IBM on some of its machines. At the time of publishing, August 2011, the latest version of the operating system was 7.1, released in September 2010. The version before that was 6.1, released in November 2007. AIX 6.1 is still widely used and is the next upgrade after AIX 5.3, released in August 2004. Due to this, the upgrade process
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migrate svn to subdirectory of git
by Shrek Qian in Programming Languages

I'd like to replace my svn repository with git. Unfortunately I can't do this in one shot and to cut a long story short, I need to move an svn repository, with history, into a subdirectory of a pre-existing git repository. So I currently have:


And I want:


Migrate project from RCS to git?
by Mpalle in Web Design

I have a 20-year-old project that I would like to migrate from RCS to git, without losing the history. All web pages suggest that the One True Path is through CVS. But after an hour of Googling and trying different scripts, I have yet to find anything that successfully converts my RCS project tree to CVS. I'm hoping the good people at Stackoverflow will know what actually works, as opposed t

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