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Cassandra for a schemaless db, 10's of millions order tables and millions of queries per day
by hovergirl in Programming Languages

I am building a database, with the following characteristics:

1) Schemaless database with a variable number of columns for each row.

2) Tens of millions of records and tens of columns.

3) Millions queries per day.

4) Thousands writes per day.

5) Queries will be filtering on several columns (not only the key).

I am consider

how to store millions and millions of files
by JustinDSN in Web Design

I'm working on program analysis and I need to download tens of thousands of projects from code repositories such as GitHub, Google code and CodePlex. My question is how can I store those projects on disk with the following criteria:
1. Avoid one folder to contain too many projects, so the file system folder limit is not hit.
2. It should be easy to add new servers/disks when there is

How to Make Millions
by André Rocheleau in Computers
Making money is tough no matter how you do it, but to make millions takes skill and preparation. The preparation is in the learning from those who have gone on before you to do it, and the skill is applying what works to your own dream venture. In the course of the last year, I have had the chance to be around and learn from millionaires and billionaires. The one thing that is noticeable is that t
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Batch geo locate millions of IPs
by nipj in Development Tools & Services

I got 2 million IP addresses and 25 million IP ranges with Start IP, End IP and Geo-Locations stored in PostgreSQL. Is there an efficient way to look up the geo-locations of those 2 million IPs from the 25 million database? What I did was to compare whether an IP address falls in between the Start IP and End IP and look up the corresponding location. However this seems taking forever. Presumabl

Archiving millions of 5KB records
by vylycyn in Databases

I have an application that relies on a mysql database that needs to archive raw records after they're processed.

Each records is around 5KB of text in one field and 3 or 4 other fields.

Around 100'000 records a week will need to be archived. The records will never be edited and very rarely accessed.

Currently they are being added to an ARCHIVE en

How to Get Millions a Week in RuneScape
by ms-access in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Maybe you can never be a real-life billionaire like Bill Gates or Mark Cuban. But if you're a RuneScape expert, you can make millions of RuneScape gold pieces per week. And you'll only have to play for couple of hours per day to do it.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Choose one skill to develop in the game and work to build it up. It can be runecrafting, woodcutting, wmithing, fishing or anot

How to Get Millions of Tix in Roblox Without Hacks
by Anton Tupy in Internet
Roblox is an online gaming community that allows players to build "places" for other players to visit. Players also collect and exchange two types of virtual currency: Robux and tickets. Though rumors of free currency often circulate, no way exists to get Robux currency for free. You can take several steps to build up your Robux tickets quickly.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions L

How to Make Millions in Neopets
by jgood in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Since its creation in the late 1990s, Neopets has grown to attract nearly 30 million users. You don't have to pay to play Neopets, but items such as food, books, Neohomes and toys cost Neopoints, Neopets' official currency. As a new user, you may find it difficult to amass Neopoints, but with practice, you can make millions.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Neopets account
How to do this Transform for millions of Rows
by Dennizzz in Programming Languages

Input : Pairs of From->To Rows.

From To
1 2
2 3
3 4
6 7

Output: For Each From Value, pairs of reachable To values.
E.g. for 1

Source Reachable
1 2
1 3
1 4

Obviously, one can suck out the data to a Graph structure and run DFS scan.


How to Calculate Millions to Billions
by TheStu in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Numbers such as millions and billions are often vague descriptions of something enormous, but both have precise values. A million is 10 to the power of six, written as 10^6. Like gallons and the metric system, the U.S. version of a billion is different than that used elsewhere. In Europe the billion, literally a bi-million, is 1 million-million, or 10^12. In the United States, it is 1 thousand-mil


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