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jQuery UI Slider with fixed minimum: show minimum range, not minimum absolute value?
Category : Web Design

I'm using a jQuery slider with a fixed minimum of 20, as described in the docs.

However, it's not quite what I need. I'd like the visual range of the slider to be 0-100, but the user should never be allowed to move the slider to less than 20.

In other words, the handle of the slider should never go all the way to the left-hand side of the slider (as it does at the momen

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graph - How to find Minimum Directed Cycle (minimum total weight)?
Category : Development Tools & Services

Here is an excise:

Let G be a weighted directed graph with n vertices and m edges, where all edges have positive weight. A directed cycle is a directed path that starts and ends at the same vertex and contains at least one edge. Give an O(n^3) algorithm to find a directed cycle in G of minimum total weight. Partial credit will be given for an O((n^2)*m) algorithm.


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Relationship between minimum distance and minimum weight in Hamming (7,4) error encoding
Category : Programming Languages

So I calculated the minimum Hamming distance of hamming (7,4) to be 3.

However, when I calculate minimum weight I obtain 3 as well.

For a modulo 2 space, is this true? If so, why?

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Minimum confidence and minimum support for Apriori
Category : Development Tools & Services

What are appropriate values for minimum confidence and minimum support values for the Apriori algorithm? How could you tweak them? Are they fixed values, or do they change during the running of the algorithm? If you have used this algorithm before, what values did you use?

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State Minimum Wage Vs. Federal Minimum Wage
Category : Business
The federal government periodically sets a federal minimum wage rate. Several, but not all, states also have minimum wage laws and the state rates correlate variously with the federal rate. Federal Minimum WageAccording to the U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division, the federal minimum wage rate of $7.25 an hour for hourly (nonexempt) employees went into effect on July 24, 2009.

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What Is the Minimum You Must Take Out of Your IRA When You Are 70-1/2?
Category : Personal Finance
The money deposited in an Individual Retirement Account and accumulated over the years has the benefit of providing annual tax deductions and tax-deferred growth. As of 2011, IRA rules stipulate that a retiree must begin withdrawing at least a minimum amount of retirement income, starting at age 70 1/2. Required Distribution TimeframeThe first minimum required IRA distribution starts the year t

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Minimum set cover [PHP]
Category : Development Tools & Services

Minimum Set Cover is a question where you must find the minimum number of sets needed to cover every element.
For example, imagine that we have a set of X=array(1,2,3,4,5,6) and 5 another set S, where

S[1]=array(1, 4)
S[2] =array(2, 5)
S[3] =array(3, 6)
S[4] =array(1, 2, 3)
S[5] =array(4, 5, 6)

The problem is to find m

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What Is the Minimum Education for an LPN?
Category : Careers & Job Searching
A licensed practical nurse, or LPN, provides basic bedside care, including taking vital signs, giving injections, dressing wounds and collecting samples for testing. LPNs usually work in hospitals under doctors and registered nurses. Some LPNs work in doctor's offices, nursing homes and home health. SchoolLicensed practical nurses take classes for about one year at junior or community colleges,

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Minimum Wage Act
Category : Legal
The subject of minimum wage is always one that garners much debate across the United States of America. Many supporters of minimum wage always support it being raised to allow workers to more properly support their families. The opposition insists that raising the minimum wage will do more harm than good to the country as it causes inflation. This age-old debate started with the act that first int

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What Is the Minimum Age for an NFL Player?
Category : Sports & Fitness
Professional football in the NFL is a physically demanding sport. That's why there are requirements in place to restrict the eligibility of certain people and prevent anyone of any age from entering the NFL draft. Is There an Age Requirement?There is not technically an age requirement to enter the NFL. The NFL never mentions a specific age in its rules, and bases eligibility on other factors.
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