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How to Make a Pen Gun in 2 Mins
by Mason McCuskey in Hobbies, Games & Toys
As kids many of us were always trying to find a way to make "spy gear" and have cool gadgets and weapons like James Bond. One such weapon was the pen gun, which was quick to make and was quite powerful, considering it was made out of an old pen.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
A pen
A straight pin
An eraser

How to Make a Pen Gun in 2 Mi

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Can a I run a job every 5 mins using IE or Chrome
by alexandruz in Development Tools & Services

I need to check a webservice is working correctly every 5 minutes.

To do this I want to enter login info - and login. on the next page I want to enter data into a form and press submit. then on the next page I want to log out. I want to then repeat this every 5 minutes. I also would like to record the times it takes to run the task from start to finish.

Is it possible

How to Clean Your Room in 10 Mins
by naemi in Home & Garden
Clean your room in 10 minutes or less by moving fast and having a plan. Removing clutter and trash will give you a better big-picture perspective of what areas need the most organizational attention. Keep an eye on the clock as you work to stay motivated. When you are finished, the results will give the impression that you spent much more than 10 minutes of cleaning time. Stay vigilant to do small
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command in cron to run php every certain mins
by Andrew Forbes in PHP

this might be a repeat.
i would like to run my index.php every certain mins. My server has option run cron command/ cron jobs. Someone please tell me what could should I use to schedule.
Thanks in advance.

by YBS1 in Databases

I am trying to get the all records which are 2 hours or more old using this query

$minutes = 60 * 2
from tlb_stats
GROUP BY job_id

It only selects the recent records and skips the old. When I change log_time <= it only selects o

Java : how to add 10 mins in my Time
by Igal in Programming Languages

I am getting this time

String myTime = "14:10";

Now I want to add like 10 mins to this time, so that it would be 14:20

Is this possible, and if so, how?


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How to Make Ketchup in 10 Mins
by artvscommerce in Food & Drink
Ketchup is a staple condiment when eating hamburgers, scrambled eggs, hot dogs and meat loaf. (See Reference 1) Besides salt, pepper, sugar and salsa, ketchup is one condiment that is found practically in all homes in the United States. While what we consider to be an American invention actually was present long before Henry J. Heinz decided to bottle and sell to the American public in 1876. (See
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how do we schedule a class to run every 15 mins in salesforce
by jazzyfox in Web Design

I am trying to schedule a class to run every 15 mins. i know we can set in salesforce for every hour, but is there a way to reduce the granuality to 10-15 mins.

global class scheduledMerge implements Schedulable{
global void execute(SchedulableContext SC) {
ProcessTransactionLog p= new ProcessTransactionLog();

check file exists once in n mins c++
by CookingCoder in C & C++ & C#

i have created a class which reads a file and does some operations on the contents and saves a new file with time stamp. But, i am in a requirement to perform in such a way that , a code should check every one min whether the file is present. If yes, it should process the file. It need to work on cross platform.

I am novice in c++ and need to know what approach i need to follow fo

android detect gps location every after 10 mins
by Tommy in Programming Languages

Android: i am using gps check box in my application, which user check this we use gps location of the user.

Now i have to make change if user check this checkbox we use gps location and if user remain this box checked then we have to detect user location every after 10 mins and if location is different we have to prompt user that location is change and if user want to use new locati

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