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Compile MIPS assembly on Windows, mips-gcc
by Adam May in Programming Languages

So I'm trying to compile some C code I've written to MIPS assembly that I can study to get an idea of how it works.
I'm currently on Win 7 so I installed Cygwin and the Berkeley College mips-gcc that in theory should do the trick.
I followed this tutorial: http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~davelai/al/labs/lab10/lab10.html
but when I try and compile anything I get "mips-gcc: installati

C++ code into MIPS, the code in MIPS runs without error messages, but does not display results
by erlang in Coding

The assignment asked us to complete a code in MIPS. The initial MIPS code needed a function we had to translate from a C++ code. I translated the function from C++ to MIPS as required.

The code in MIPS does not display any errors when I run it. However, the code does not display anything.

I tried to debug it, but I still don't see where the problem is. I am using Notep

In MIPS, what is HI and LO
by Estonia in Programming Languages

I'm reading about division in MIPS and I've found that div

Divides $s by $t and stores the
quotient in $LO and the remainder in


And Wikipedia says

HI and LO are used to access the multiplier/divider results, accessed by the mfhi (move from high) and mflo commands.<

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How to Get the PC on MIPS
by skh in Computers
MIPS ("Million Instructons per Second") is an old way of measuring a computer's speed and power. It measures the number of instructions that your computer can handle in one second. The MIPS measurement is rarely used anymore, as it only measures a CPU's speed without taking into account other factors. For example, it does not consider program transfer speed (I/O" speed). However, yo

MIPS - JAL confusion: $ra = PC+4 or PC+8?
by rpanic in Web Design

I'm having trouble understanding how the instruction jal works in the MIPS processor.
My two questions are:
a) What is the value stored in R31 after "jal": PC+4 or PC+8?
b) If it's really PC+8, what happens to the instruction at PC+4? Is it executed before the jump or is it never executed?

In Patterson and Hennessy (fourth edition), pg 113:

"jump-and-link inst

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MIPS program! need help- i m not sure if i m doing it right
by Lafe in Careers & Job Searching

i m trying to write a MIPS program that will examine set of ten single digit numbers
(positive, zero,or negative) that can be inputted from the terminal. After examining the
numbers, only the negative numbers (with appropriate sign) along with their count needs to be outputted
to the terminal.


prompt: .asciiz

MIPS, Recursion
by Dandor in Programming Languages

I trying to write a MIPS program that gets an unsigned integer as argument and returns the sum of all decimal digits in the integer recursively. For example if the argument is 75080 then the sum to be returned is 20 (7+5+0+8+0). Here is my code so far. Any help would be appreciated.

My way of thinking was to divide the number by 10 leaving me with the last integer in the number, ad

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MIPS: Using the stack
by Andreas in Programming Languages

I was reading in a MIPS manual that:
"Notice we use the “unsigned” version of the “add immediate” instruction because we are dealing with an address, which is an unsigned binary number. We wouldn’t want to generate an exception just because a computed address crossed over the mid-point of the memory space."

What does this mean exactly? Specifically crossing over the m

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absolute value in MIPS
by Trevor Dickson in Programming Languages

Do you have any simple ways to make a value in a register in MIPS as an absolute value?

How do I compile mips gnu?
by Ansari in Operating Systems

I am not even sure my thread title is correct or not. Here is my story. I visited western digital website to check for a new firmware of wdtv live. I found source code of wdtv live OS is available to download. I downloaded "WDTV GPL Code" on http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?groupid=1003&lang=en. I extracted it and...came up with

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